Meet Endeavor Miami’s Second Pitch Competition for Black Entrepreneurs Participants

Meet Endeavor Miami's Second Pitch Competition for Black Entrepreneurs Participants

[MIAMI] – Endeavor Miami, an affiliate of the global Endeavor organization supporting high-impact entrepreneurship, announces its participants for the second Pitch Competition for Black Entrepreneurs. The organization is once again partnering with The City of Miami, The Miami Herald and Microsoft for Startups to bring this remarkable opportunity to the community.

The event will be held virtually on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm. Anyone is welcome to attend and can RSVP here: Endeavor Pitch Competition – Splash (

Pitch Criteria

Ten Black-founders leading early-stage, industry-agnostic and Miami-grown startups will pitch their companies to a panel of esteemed judges. Each entrepreneur will have ten minutes to pitch their company. Three winners will be selected and receive non-dilutive cash prizes of $25K (1st place), $15K (2nd place) and $10K (3rd place). As well as access to Microsoft for Startups program, including $25K in Azure credits and technical consulting sessions.

“We are proud to launch our second Endeavor Pitch Competition for Black Entrepreneurs,” said Claudia Duran, Managing Director of Endeavor Miami. “We could not have done this without the support of our partners, Microsoft for Startups, the Miami Herald, and the City of Miami. Providing entrepreneurs that are typically over-mentored and under-capitalized with opportunities to earn capital, gain more exposure, and scaleup, is invaluable for economic growth in the local community.”

Endeavor Miami Judges

Judges for the competition include Jane Wooldridge, Business and Visual Arts Editor at The Miami Herald, Mariano Amartino, Director for the Americas at Microsoft for Startups and Dami Dami Osunsanya, Head of Value Creation, Vice President at Softbank Opportunity Fund.


The moderators for the event will be Claudia Duran and Rebecca Negro Rocha, Managing Director and Junior Manager for Growth Programs at Endeavor Miami, respectively.

The 10 Endeavor Pitch Competition participants are:

BeLoved Box is a Miami based consumer packaged goods company that promotes intentional living and wellness through fragrance and products.

The first and only Election Candidate Search Engine, and Campaign Media Management system. This mobile application is developed to promote successful Candidate search and provide a centralized location for voters to get information and updates straight from the candidates themselves.

  • Bootup: Chandler Malone, Founder and CEO

Bootup helps close the tech talent shortage. Specifically by helping bootcamps and vocational training programs increase enrollment. All while improving candidate placement rates.

  • BRIDGE Networks: Adrienne C. McWilliams, Co-Founder & CEO; Brandon Braswell, Co-Founder & CPO

BRIDGE Networks is a local streaming service that broadcasts businesses, events & information available in your city. It’s a video platform that allows you to see what’s happening in your city.

  • FanFest: Adam Jones, Co-Founder, CEO & CTO; Robert Gordon, Co-Founder & CMO

FanFest is a platform the biggest names in entertainment use to host sponsored live shows from their website. In addition, they invite any fan into the show instantly. Plus, sell anything during the show (e.g., physical merchandise, digital NFTs), and stream the show anywhere (e.g., social media, TV).

  • Grownextdoor: Jonathan Cox, Co-Founder & CEO; Vianny Guillen, Co-Founder & CEO

Grownextdoor is a distributed network of urban farms. Their mission is to create a platform for people to work with the planet to bring fresh food accessibility to local community members and small businesses.

A Florida-based, award-winning, educational company that makes learning easy. Founded in late 2018, Jump Start Learning partners with over twenty local schools, NGO’s and libraries to support learning. As a result, they have helped over 2,500 students across Florida.

  • Lien Library: Mac Alabre, Founder & CEO; Rohansen Joseph, COO; Eduardo Mejia, CIO; Sondley Northecide, CTO

First online platform that empower cities to digitally manage and process property lien report and payment faster.

  • lifecache: Khambrel Roach, Founder & CEO; Sean Fenton, Co-Founder & COO

At lifecache, they are focused on unlocking the potential of 360-degree content by enabling users to consume immersive 360-degree content in a location-based Augmented Reality experience. Companies and creators alike have been looking into 360 video to find innovative ways to market their content online and lifecache’s goal is to be the ultimate platform to capture, manage and share 360-degree content in an interactive experience.

  • Marcio Cantelli, Co-Founder & CEO; Josiano Carvalho, Co-Founder & CTO

Customer Service CRM for the messaging era. Different channels in one platform for seamless communication with your contacts via WhatsApp, and SMS. Plus, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, web chat and QR code.

Endeavor Miami previously hosted its First Pitch Competition on June 30th, which thanks to the support from the Miami tech community was a success. In third place was entrepreneur Brandon Chance, Founder of Loan My Sole, in second place was entrepreneur Rishielle Giscombe, Co-Founder of Glamo and in first place was Entrepreneur Imani Lee, Co-Founder of Black Stock Footage.


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