Mentoring the next generation of neurosurgeons – Dr. Anthony Hall

National Mentoring Month Spotlight –  Anthony James Hall, MDCM, FACS, FAANS

Q: How do you describe what you do?

I am a general adult and (sometimes) pediatric neurological surgeon in private practice with some academic appointments. I also have a sub-interest in cannabis medicine.

Q: What does your work entail as a neurosurgeon?

I evaluate patients presenting with disorders and problems affecting the brain, spinal column, spinal cord, and nerves. Then search for treatment by medical or surgical means.

Q: How did you get started?

I was interested in neurology but wanted to be more hands-on than just prescribing medications. So I explored neurosurgery and liked it very much. I changed my mind and decided to make this my career choice.

Q: What education or skills are needed to become a neurosurgeon?

Graduate from medical school. You then have an initial year of Internship in General Surgery. After that a 5 or 6-year Residency in Neurological Surgery. Then sometimes additional specialization for 1-2 years in Pediatrics, Vascular, Skull Base, Functional (Epilepsy/Movement Disorders), or other subspecialty areas. 

Continuing education is a must, and Board Certification is recommended.

Q: What is the most challenging thing about what you do?

Dealing with high expectations of patients, families, and friends. The nervous system is not as flexible or pliable as other parts of the body, and unfortunately, many interventions cannot restore full original function.

Mentoring the next generation of neurosurgeons - Dr. Anthony Hall

Dr. Anthony James Hall

Anthony James Hall, MDCM, FACS, FAANS

Anthony Hall was born in Mona, St. Andrew, Jamaica. His father was an agricultural and civil engineer; his mother was a financial analyst and professor.

He attended several prep schools in and around Kingston and The Priory School until the end of Third Form. He migrated with his family to Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal where he completed medical school at McGill University.

He did an Internship in General Surgery at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn then neurosurgical residencies at the University of Connecticut and the University of Miami. Upon graduation in 1995 he began private practice in Miami, Florida.

His past twenty-two years have seen him work in southeastern Florida from Orlando to Miami performing Adult and Pediatric General Neurosurgery with an emphasis on minimally invasive procedures, pain procedures, tumors, and movement disorders.

He was the first surgeon in South Florida to perform tubular access spinal diskectomies in 1995. He brought the first Radionics X-Knife for stereotactic radiosurgery to South Florida in 1995.

He is an Assistant Professor at the Herbert Wertheim FIU College of Medicine, an Associate Professor at Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine and the College of Allopathic Medicine.

He has previously lectured at Nova’s School of Physician Assistants. He has been a clinical professor at Barry University, the University of Alabama and Visiting Professor at Miami Dade College School of Physician Assistants. He is certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery.

He is the proud father of four children and enjoys participating in their development. Dr. Hall is in private practice in Southeast Florida.

He is a member of several professional societies and is the current president of the Miami-Dade County Chapter of the National Medical Association called the James Wilson Bridges Medical Society.


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