The Little Haiti Cultural Complex Opens Miami Art Week With Series of Cultural Offerings

Little Haiti Cultural Complex Opens Miami Art Week

[MIAMI]The Little Haiti Cultural Complex (LHCC), the vibrant heart of historic Little Haiti, presents contemporary art exhibition programming centered on the history of Afrodiasporic peoples with a special focus on the Caribbean and Miami as central points in the Global South for Art Week Miami 2021.

Auxiliary programming such as immersive and interactive art activations, poetry showcasing, and incredible music performances will take place on the campus and throughout the neighboring vicinity of the Little Haiti Cultural Complex from Wednesday, December 1 – Sunday, December 5 2021.

The curated Art Week Miami 2021 programming will inform, educate and honor the Afro-Caribbean cultures with the mission to galvanize a new era of thought leaders and employ the richness of arts and culture as tools for evolution and community building.


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