Commentary with Winston Barnes: SHOTTA!


Commentary with Winston Barnes: SHOTTA!

SOUTH FLORIDA – The case of the Jamaican man who made the news describing how he defended himself against a would be robber demands the community pay keen attention, and in my opinion, ask some critical questions.

One of the first responses on the part of some of us is that Jamaicans don’t play so don’t test we!

Yet as more details emerge about this man, these should be among the questions asked of the situation.

Firstly, how much did this man expose himself by offering some of the details he did to a news reporter, and which was subsequently sent viral around the globe?

Do friends of his victim now plan on revenge?

Is he really a member of the NRA? And in turn what implications that has for him in the eyes of black folk in general and Jamaicans in particular?

Is he really homeless as some of the reports suggest he is?

Is the weapon he publicly declared he used, legal?

In addition, what message is being sent about the violence in Jamaica and in Jamaican communities in the U.S. when he reminds that he is from Kingston?

And so, as some of us applaud a man who is obviously capable of defending his family, to the death, what for example is his immigration status in these United States with the current attitudes to not only to immigrants but to black immigrants from a country among those described as “S”-hole countries by the current President?

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