Your Caribbean-American Voters’ Guide—General Elections 2014

SOUTH FLORIDA – “Dear Caribbean Americans in South Florida:

Please disregard today’s earlier email of the 2014 General Election Voters’ Guides.

They omitted a number of key races.

The final and updated Guides will be forwarded to you shortly–prior to Early Voting on 20th October.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

As the Guyanese would say:

Hurry hurry spoil yuh curry!”
The updated guide is under construction!


Dr. Marcia Magnus


As of 10/18/2014 the voters’ guides have now been updated:

Broward County Voters’ Guide: https://sflcn.com/broward-county-caribbean-american-voters-guide-general-elections-2014/

Miami-Dade County Voters’ Guide: https://sflcn.com/your-caribbean-american-voters-guide-miami-dade-county-general-elections-2014/

Palm Beach County Voters’ Guide: https://sflcn.com/palm-beach-county-caribbean-american-voters-guide-general-elections-2014/


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