Miami Dade County Court Judge Fred Seraphin Seeks Retention

Florida’s Only Sitting Haitian American Judge Seeks Retention To Miami Dade County Court

MIAMI – In Miami Dade County, despite the exponential growth of the Haitian American community in the State of Florida, Miami Dade County Court Judge Fred Seraphin will be seeking retention as the only sitting Haitian American judge in the State of Florida.

On August 30, 2016, Floridians will venture to the polls to participate in the closed primary elections. Ballots will include both partisan and non-partisan races, including Circuit and Court judges.

Only the 60 opposed seats out of the total 252 seats up for election on these courts will see a vote on August 30, 2016. All unopposed candidates were automatically elected without ever appearing on a ballot or facing a public vote.

Why Retain Miami Dade County Court Judge Fred Seraphin?
Judge Fred Seraphin
Judge Fred Seraphin

Judge Seraphin began his legal career twenty-nine years ago when he started his life in the Miami Public Defender’s Office.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Judge Seraphin lost his father, Franck, at age eleven to Tonton Macoutes during the rule of  dictator Papa Doc Duvalier.  Raised in single parent home with his six siblings, Judge Seraphin and his family left Haiti gradually and sought refuge in the United States.  He reunited with his mother in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

Spurred from a number of personal experiences with the judicial system in Haiti and United States, Judge Seraphin answered his calling for the legal profession to be one dedicated to protecting, defending, guarding the call for liberty.  He entered law school with the goal of becoming a public defender to help those who, like him, did not have money to hire an attorney.  Judge Fred Seraphin treasures justice.   He is passionate about justice and protecting everyone’s rights.

Judge Seraphin obtained a Juris Doctorate degree at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York and joined the Office of the Public Defender in Miami-Dade County in 1986. He was an Assistant Public Defender for many years before starting his practice. Later, he returned to his first love and passion, working as an Assistant Public Defender.

In 2001, Judge Seraphin joined the Miami Dade County bench.  Since then, he has served in both the Civil and Criminal divisions of the Court.  In addition to being a faculty member at the Florida Judicial College and the Florida College of Advanced Judicial Studies, he also served as an adjunct professor at Barry University where he taught several undergraduate law courses.

“Judge Seraphin is deeply committed to fairness to all who appear before him on the bench and also committing his time to mentorship programs outside the courtroom giving minority at-risk boys and young lawyers personal and professional guidance,” stated Marlon Hill, past president of the Caribbean Bar Association.

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On August 30th , select 95 on your 2016 primary ballot in Miami Dade County.



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