Palm Beach County Caribbean-American Voters Guide – General Elections 2014

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-your-vote-counts-image18168876SOUTH FLORIDA – Since 2000, a group of concerned Caribbean-Americans in South Florida (Caribbean American Politically Active Citizens), has developed Voters’ Guides to help you 1) select the best candidates to promote the interests of Caribbean-American people in South Florida, and 2) provide guidance on constitutional ballot amendments. We have watched various political news programs, read local and national newspapers, attended town hall meetings, and consulted with non-partisan advocacy organizations and local community leaders.

Caribbean American Politically Active Citizens have assessed the candidates based on their positions on a variety of issues, including, but not limited to, the economy, education, the American justice system, civil rights, healthcare, social services, affirmative action, economic opportunity, 2nd amendment, among others.

Please note that none of the following recommendations should substitute for your own evaluation and research based on your own personal interests and value.



U.S. Representative, Dist. 18                         Patrick Murphy

U.S. Representative, Dist. 20                         Alcee L. Hastings

U.S. Representative, Dist. 21                         Ted Deutch

U.S. Representative, Dist. 22                         Lois Frankel


Governor                                                         Charlie Crist/Annette Taddeo


Attorney General                                            George Sheldon


Chief Financial Officer                                   William “Will” Rankin


Commissioner of Agriculture                          Thaddeus “Thad” Hamilton


State Senator, Dist. 32                                      Bruno Moore

tate Senator, Dist. 34                                                Maria Lorts Sachs

State Senator, Dist. 34                                                Maria Lorts Sachs


State Representative, Dist. 82                                    Mary Higgins

State Representative, Dist. 86                                    Mark Pafford

State Representative, Dist. 88                                    Bobby Powell

State Representative, Dist. 89                                    David Silvers


County Commissioner, Dist. 4                        Andy O’Brien

County Commissioner, Dist. 6                        Melissa McKinlay


Shall Judge Alan O. Forst of the Fourth District Court of Appeal  be retained in office?               YES


Shall Judge Mark W. Klingensmith of the Fourth District Court of Appeal be retained in office?                     YES


Shall Judge W. Matthew Stevenson of the Fourth District Court of Appeal be retained in office?                       YES


Shall Judge Martha C. Warner of the Fourth District Court of Appeal be retained in office?                               YES



School Board, Dist. 4                                                                                     Erica Whitfield


Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation                                                         Eva S. Webb


Port of Palm Beach Group 5                                                                           Peyton McArthur


Court of Appeals Merit Retention Dist. 4                                                      YES


Constitutional Amendment – Question No. 1, Article X, Section 28

Water and Land Conservation – Dedicates funds to acquire and restore Florida Conservation and recreation lands …………………………… YES


Constitutional Amendment – Question No. 2 Article X, Section 29 Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions……….………………… YES


Constitutional Amendment – Question No. 3, Article V, Sections 10, 11

Prospective Appointment of Certain Judicial Vacancies ………………….………………  NO


Countywide Question 1 – Childrens’ Services Council …………………………………… YES


Countywide Question 2 – Palm Beach County School Board Bond…….………………….YES



Dedication of these Voters’ Guides

Jimmie Lee Jackson
Jimmie Lee Jackson

This year, our Voters’ Guides are dedicated to the memory of JIMMIE LEE JACKSON.  In 1965, at age 26, Jimmie Lee was an unarmed civil rights protestor when he was shot and killed by Alabama State Trooper James Fowler.  On the night of February 18, 1965, approximately 500 people left Zion United Methodist Church in Marion, AL and attempted a peaceful walk to the Perry County jail, about half a block away, where young civil rights workers James Orange was being held.  State troopers arrived on the scene and began to beat protestors.   Jimmie Lee came to the defense of his cowering 82-year old grandfather and his mother as they were being beaten.  One state trooper threw Jimmie Lee against a cigarette machine.  A second trooper shot Jimmie Lee in the abdomen twice.  As an ordained deacon of the St. James Baptist Church in Marion, AL, Jimmie Lee had tried to register to vote for four years without success.  Jimmie Lee’s death inspired the 51-mile Selma to Montgomery marches.

Thank you for paving the way for us, Jimmie Lee!

Please feel free to pass these voters guides on to your South Florida network of family and  friends.  Do it for  Jimmie Lee!


For more information, call Caribbean American Politically Active Citizens at 954 454 7473.


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