Where Do Tourists Usually Go When They Visit New York?

New York, home to the famous Big Apple or also known as New York City, is a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States where you can find a handful of tourist attractions and rich historical backgrounds. Although, its most famous attraction is definitely the Big Apple, also called the City of Dreams, or simply New York City.

Where Do Tourists Usually Go When They Visit New York? Manhattan

Apart from the state’s most popular and populated municipalities, tourists are beginning to explore other areas of this great state. The boroughs are Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Manhattan, and each of these towns has unique and beautiful tourist attractions that contribute greatly to the area’s economic state.

Admittedly, New York has so many popular places to go to that it is quite challenging to narrow it down to just a few. With millions of tourists flying in and out of the state each year, it is hard to pinpoint exact areas, especially when all of them seem to be incredible attractions that belong on everyone’s travel bucket list.

However, here is our best attempt at showing where tourists usually go when they visit the great state of New York. We will be listing down luxurious cities and urban-style attractions, along with some natural wonders of the country.

Statue of Liberty

Does our first choice ring any bells? Of course, it does! Everyone had at least heard of the great Statue of Liberty at least once in their life. But did you know that this iconic monument is not just some majestic sculpture? Instead, it serves as a symbol of hope to millions of immigrants who are on their way to Ellis Island.

The statue itself has a rich background and history that piques the interest of incoming tourists. Every year, the National Park Service caters over a million passengers at Battery Park, taking them to the famous monument, the New York City skyline, the museum, and sometimes a walk in the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

Time’s Square

This bustling city with huge skyscrapers is filled with life making it one of the most exciting visits for most tourists. Time’s Square is home to the famous Broadway and 7th Avenue, where you can enjoy awe-inspiring performances from the big screen. During large events, the streets outside of Broadway are filled with artists, performers, and tourists, bringing more life to the city.

After watching some amazing performances, enjoy fine dining at Sardi’s Restaurant or perhaps a casual dinner with NYC’s mouth-watering street food. There are several exhibits, stores, and establishments that you can visit in the city. You can try visiting another NYC icon called the Empire State Building, and it is open until 2 am for visitors who want to admire the city’s skyline.

Niagara Falls

This tourist attraction will take you out of the city’s busy streets and into the border of Canada and the United States. This natural wonder draws the attention of millions of visitors each year because of its breathtaking view and natural surroundings. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a panoramic perspective and calm atmosphere, this is the place to go.

The Niagara Falls is located in the state park and three other waterfalls, namely Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls, and Horseshoe or Canadian Falls. The park is in Buffalo, New York, and conveniently, there are plenty of things to do in Buffalo, NY, so you do not have to jump from one city to another for an enjoyable trip. Visit all three of the falls and enjoy a variety of dining options, park tours, and a theater show highlighting the falls’ history and legend.

Where Do Tourists Usually Go When They Visit New York? - Niagra Falls

Thousand Islands

In this large body of water, you will see a thousand little islands scattered or “dotted” across the 50-mile river of St. Lawrence. These are located along a granite shelf extending from the Canadian bound to the Adirondack Mountains in the United States. This is especially popular with tourists as it remains eye-catching all-year-round.

Enjoy the vibrant and luscious foliage during the autumn season. You can also try boat tours in operation between mid-May and mid-October to see the islands’ maze and its ever-changing vistas. Take a glimpse of luxurious holiday homes and beautiful log cabins that are either traditional or extravagantly designed.

Central Park

This iconic park appears as a simple patch of green when viewed on the map displaying the grid of Manhattan. However, seeing this place in person will make you realize that it is much more than your typical town’s park. This amazing location in the middle of a bustling city has enough sights and activities to fill up more than a day’s worth of itinerary when you’re in New York.

Admire spectacular works of architecture, peaceful garden landscapes, or relax along with a variety of peaceful spots. Bring your kids or young ones to play on the carousel, visit the zoo, and enjoy several ponds or ride horse-drawn carriages. There are tons of sights to see and activities to do for everyone.

George Eastman House

With fifty lavish rooms, the George Eastman mansion, built-in 1905, has become a famous avenue for local and foreign visitors alike. It used to include a stable, garage, barn, five greenhouses, and many gardens. However, it has been renovated throughout the years and now has what is known as the International Museum of Photography and Film at its grounds.

Overall, there is so much more to New York than the Big Apple. It is home to a thousand tourist attractions with multiple sights to see and things to do. Visit a variety of other museums such as the Baseball Hall of Fame, Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum, Fenimore Art Museum, Hyde Hall, The Farmer’s Museum, and many more.

Where Do Tourists Usually Go When They Visit New York?

Although there is nothing wrong with coming to New York with only one particular city in your line of interest, why not explore all the exciting locations while you are there. Tourists should absolutely make the best out of their trips. New York has more fabulous spots to see, and hopefully, this has helped you to find out some of the best sites that are popular amongst the state’s visitors.




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