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Taj Mahal - Core Values
Taj Mahal

by Jamar Wright – Mind Food International

[KINGSTON, Jamaica] –  Have you ever gone to one of those major cities like New York, London, Dubai or wherever it might be, and you see those tall high-rise buildings towering over the city? These majestic buildings were built to allow more people to live in the city center. They are also symbols of a city’s economic power and providing its architectural identity. As majestic as these buildings are almost all skyscrapers must be built on what civil engineers call a bedrock.

Bedrock is a layer of subsurface rock that is largely immune to shifting. Contractors must drill many meters below the earth’s surface and anchor the foundation of the skyscraper to the bedrock with steel and reinforce concrete columns.

Whenever these building experience gale force winds and seismic activity, it’s foundation will not move, and the building will not topple over because it is anchored to a bedrock that will not move. Like the skyscraper that is anchored to a bedrock, a leader’s belief system should be anchored to a bedrock that will not change.

The more things change, the more leaders must depend upon those things that never change. And this for a leader is their core value that is connected to true north.

What are core values?

They are a list of standards that a leader or person will not compromise on. Core values are bedrock and they are also north star. They give a leader bearing and them purposefully in the right direction. A leader who is not anchored to the bedrock of core values will be wishy washy. His or her conviction will be sway with the ebb and flow of this ever-changing world. A leader who is not anchored to core values will stand for nothing and eventually will fall for anything.

 A Leader’s Core Value Determines Its Culture

A leader core value will determine the culture and the climate of that institution that they are leading. Faulty values will lead to a faulty and shaky culture that will reproduce weak team member and leaders.  People are a reflection of their environment, and they will reflect the leader’s core values.

Right Core Values

Everyone has values, even criminals have values. But does your values connect to true north? Are your core values in alignment with moral and ethical principles? If not you are driving fast on the wrong road, that will eventual bring destruction on your organization and team if you as leader do not correct these core values.

Let Core Values Be Known

Leaders of organizations and other institution should let others know their core values similar to an organization posting their mission and vision statement on the wall. When others know your core values as a leader it helps to establish healthy boundaries and foster better relationships.

In today’s fast pace society leaders needs core values more than ever to keep them anchored. If not they will topple over from the storm and turbulence of life. The more dept a skyscraper has, the taller it can be built. Same with leadership the more dept and structure a leader as to his or her personal life, the higher a leader can lead and take others with them. Let your core values be your bedrock theses are the set of principle that will keep me anchor, these are the set of principles I will build on, these are the set of principles that will guide me through my journey en route to fulfilling my leadership mandate.


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