The Most Binge-Worthy True Crime Documentaries Jamaicans Can’t Resist

Binge-Worthy True Crime Documentaries

Everybody loves the adrenaline rush of getting really close to the bottom of a murder or heist case. How to double this thrill? Watch a real-life murder/heist case and try to solve it!

Crime documentaries have been a crowd favorite for a long time, however, most recently, people have shown an overwhelming interest in true crime documentaries. You wish it and Netflix has it.

Netflix has some amazing true crime documentaries. True crime documentaries have experienced a surge in popularity. Here are some ScreenBinge Netflix recommendations to help you get the most out of your viewing time. Moreover, you can also check out this handpicked list of Netflix Crime Documentaries for you to binge-watch over this slow week. 

Abducted In Plain Sight

According to several studies and reports, as much as 80% of sexual abusers of underaged kids were known to the kid’s family. This documentary raises many concerns and questions for every family with a young girl or boy, who can you really trust? 

The story revolves around a naive family, the Broberg’s and their not-so-trustworthy family friend, Robert Berchtold.  Robert was a child molester and he had his eyes on the family’s eldest daughter, Jan, 12 at that time. 

He managed to harass her, brainwash her, and abduct her, all under the nose of her family. 

Casting JonBenét

Yet another heinous crime story revolving around kids, this documentary could give goosebumps to the dead. Beautiful, young, JonBenét found her way into the beauty industry quite young in her life. 

Being only 6 and gaining so much popularity so young didn’t go down well with everyone. She was found murdered in her own room, and all eyes immediately went to her parents. 

More than twenty years later, the young beauty queen is yet to receive justice as this murder mystery stays unsolved. 

Confessions With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Ted Bundy shook the entire USA with his charming viciousness. This four-part limited documentary features tapes from women who escaped for their lives by the facts of their teeth

Terrorizing women of all ages and localities, Ted Bundy was commonly known as the Handsome killer with unmatched wit and humor. 


Being held hostage and then left to live could easily be one’s worst life memories. This documentary focuses on some high-end abductions and keeping common people hostage for negotiations. 

It’s a nerve-chilling portrayal of how bad things get when your life is in the wrong hands. 

The Keepers

If you think all Nun’s are the holiest creatures walking the earth, think again. This story revolves around a diabolical murder mystery of a Nun hailing from Baltimore. 

As the theories of murder come out, many more buried secrets start unraveling. The documentary uncovers the corruption and disputes in the Catholic church facilities which could be quite disturbing for the faith keepers. 

The Staircase

Convicted for the murder of his beloved wife, once a renowned novelist, Michael Peterson must defend himself. 

Claiming that his wife simply slipped and fell down the staircase, eventually meeting her end, Peterson hoped the Judge and Jury would buy that. Unfortunately, they don’t, even his kids blame him for this tragic loss. Watch this documentary to uncover the real truth behind this staircase fall. 

American Murder: The Family Next Door

All that shines isn’t gold. A happy, near-perfect family of four, Shannan and Chris look as happy as one could be. Little did they know their happiness isn’t acceptable to all. 

On an ordinary-looking morning, something rather extraordinary happened. Shannan, along with her two beautiful young kids went missing to no end. The case immediately got media attention and Chris became the nation’s focus for sympathy. But are we sympathizing with the right person? Is Shannan really missing? Watch this documentary to find out!

Evil Genius

What makes a genius? A sharp mind? Extraordinary capabilities? Or Evil intentions? The plot of this limited real-life documentary is no less than an Oscar-winning movie. 

Starting with a pizza delivery guy attempting a Bank heist, to discovering the origin of the bomb strapped around his neck, this Pennsylvania murder-heist mystery definitely gave the police and detectives a run of their money. 

There is nothing unnatural in finding real-life crime documentaries fascinating and if you are one of those, hopefully, this list will keep your logical mind busy for some time.



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