Sunshine Liquor Fest Present CHUG IT! and Mayhem in South Florida

Sunshine Liquor Fest Present MAYHEM and CHUG IT! in South Florida

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – Join in on an experience to remember, Sunshine Liquor Festival, a two-day all-inclusive festival to be held September 5th and 6th, Labor Day Weekend 2021 in South Florida. The festival captures the essence of the Caribbean. Bringing two of the most massive Caribbean party experiences to the beautiful sunshine state of Florida.

The Team has declared that this event will be an absolute celebration of being alive. Patrons will be able to enjoy the best of Caribbean cuisine, drink mixes and, décor for the ultimate curated experience.

The Festival 

Sunshine Liquor Festival is the brainchild of a powerhouse team. The Team has more than thirty  accumulative years of experience in the entertainment industry. As consummate professionals, the core members have successfully executed several events. Events through collaboration in areas such as production, artist booking, management and development, accounting and event promotions.

The Team is committed to curating monumental Caribbean experiences anywhere around the world. Especially without compromising its authenticity through a wide network of high-level contacts. Specifically in the entertainment industry and dedication to the concept of the events which are part of the experience.

Labor Day Weekend

Set for one of the biggest holidays in the USA, Labor Day, we want all patrons to revel in the heart of Caribbean culture and entertainment. How can you do this? Go to the entire festival. Choose a day or a specific time to wear your best bikini or trunks at the most talked about events arising from Jamaica and the Caribbean. They will be able to drink all they can. Or, to immerse themselves in the ultimate water party. Dubbed to be the biggest event annually in Miami.


Sunshine Fest Chug It comes to South Florida

This all-inclusive drink event is none like any other in the USA. Originating in Jamaica, CHUG IT is the largest leading beach party series in the Caribbean and extending Diaspora. The event has a patron turnout of over twenty thousand people in a single staging. And, has received the moniker of being the “Big Bad”… from the public’s massive invigorating response since its start in 2012.

The only event that lives up to its name… ‘CHUG IT’.  The event literally allows patrons the opportunity to “drink all you can” for a flat fee. The event focuses on providing a never-ending supply of liquor to all in attendance. As a result, CHUG IT is widely famous for having the most bars and bartenders in relation to their patronage. The vast amount of beautiful female model bartenders will be sure to impress you.

Unparalleled Production

This event is not only dedicated to delivering top-tier service of the widest variety of liquors and mixes, but also a wide variety of Caribbean cuisine options which are also inclusive in the ticket price.

Boasting elite Caribbean and US based DJ’s and unparalleled production, CHUG IT continues to upgrade their entertainment package with each and every staging. With full to capacity venues, the event continues to add the latest in modern lighting, stage, décor, sound and other production elements to truly ‘wow’ all in attendance. VIP Cabanas are also available for those who wish to have their own personal model waitress, VIP bottles, lounge seating, tables and food servers. Everyone’s a winner.

CHUG IT, “Drink all you can”.



Mayhem, The Soaka Playground, originating from Jamaica is one of the largest and most anticipated all-inclusive events for Jamaicans locally and internationally throughout the Diaspora. If you enjoy great music and love getting soaked, grab your friends, your super soaker, and get ready for the water experience of a lifetime full of food, alcohol, fun, and chaos!

Since its inception, the event has become a “Juggernaut” in Jamaica’s entertainment calendar. Becoming an event that even the stars attend such as, – Rygin King, Teejay, and Jahvillani to name a few.

The team has been committed to developing each staging for its now vast community of patrons who have proudly dubbed themselves “Mayniacs”. This community of adventure and fun-seekers have enjoyed the best of water entertainment from pools to foam pits and even water trucks.

The event, originating in Negril, Jamaica, has sought to provide new features of entertainment for patrons and the move to Florida has been long-awaited. Originally slated to bring the ‘vibes’ in 2020, the pandemic had other plans resulting in the delay of staging. As such, all “Mayniacs” in 2020, has the redeeming support from Team Mayhem as they continue to support us.

Mayhem will continue to ‘push the envelope’ and provide the ultimate water experience for everyone.

Let’s cause Mayhem…

Venue and Ticket Info

Tickets and prices will be available on the Sunshine Liquor Festival website: https://sunshineliquorfest.com/

For sponsorship and vendors please contact Sunshine Liquor Festival by email at [email protected]

Follow Sunshine Liquor Festival on Facebook and Instagram: @sunshineliquorfest.



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