Space Called Tribe, A New Co-working Space Opens in Overtown

New Co-Work & Urban Innovation Lab Offers Creative Space For Entrepreneurs In The Heart Of Historic Overtown

MIAMI –  Historic Overtown welcomes Space Called Tribe Co-Work & Urban Innovation Lab, a 10,000-square foot state of the art co-working space for entrepreneurs, powered by Code Fever, a 501c3 founded in 2012.

Code Fever’s mission is to create a magnetic force of talent and opportunity within the Black community that draws resources and opportunities inward to foster increased entrepreneurialism and to reshape the way Black communities engage, contribute, and are valued in the innovation sector.

Co-working spaces offer an environment for independent contractors and entrepreneurs who can work from anywhere, to share one working environment. These creative spaces offer business owners the ability to operate independently in a shared space to enjoy greater productivity, save on high overhead costs and experience a close sense of community with like minded professionals.

Recent studies reveal that Miami is the #1 city in the U.S. for co-working spaces. Despite this, Space Called Tribe represents one of only two co-working spaces in Miami that are in historically black community and/or run by black entrepreneurs.

Space Called Tribe located at 937 N.W. 3rd Avenue in Historic Overtown, is a hip, urban workspace designed to eradicate “innovation deserts” in communities of color and offer start-ups, organizers, freelancers and entrepreneurs a space to be creative, flexible and productive.

“Tribe” as it’s affectionately called, offers Community Memberships that start with mailbox/business address packages to offering multiple options of flexible open desk programs, dedicated desks and small and large office spaces at affordable prices.

Membership can be configured to include full access to all Tribe member benefits which include STEM and mentor matching, access to a host of exciting progressive events, 3 conference rooms, an outdoor work oasis, classrooms and a welcoming common kitchen space that brings the entire network of Tribe tenants together.

New Co-working Space, Space Called Tribe Opens in Overtown
Space Called Tribe Co-Working Space
Space Called Tribe houses Code Fever, BMe, New Synergies, and Circle of One Marketing

Marketing powerhouse Circle of One Marketing was the first Tribe tenant and was soon joined by BMe, an award-winning national network of community-builders focusing on black men, lobbying firm New Synergies, award winning youth filmmaker Elijah Wells and Future Partners, an advisory firm connecting major companies with minority owned firms.

Tribe also houses and hosts Code Fever’s Black Tech Week, an annual gathering of the best and brightest black creatives in the field of innovation, tech and entrepreneurship.

Code Fever founders Felecia Hatcher and Derick Pearson partnered with the Simkins Foundation and the South East Overtown Park West CRA to build out what is a cutting edge, first class, secure, technologically superior and comfortable space for small businesses with big ideas.

New Co-working Space, Space Called Tribe Opens in Overtown

“We opened Tribe because would always be invited to entrepreneurship and startup events and the look around the room and realize that there was no one in the room that looked like us and that was a problem.  We wanted that to happen in our neighborhoods and we wanted it to happen in Overtown, a historic community ripe for new opportunity and technology” said Felicia Hatcher.

Space Called Tribe has membership opportunities available for all sizes of businesses ready to operate from a collective, creative environment.

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