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National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations (NAJASO) to Rebrand and Relaunch

National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations (NAJASO) to Rebrand and Relaunch with Dr. Joyce El Ali
Dr. Joyce El Ali

by Derrick Scott

WASHINGTON, DC – Newly elected president of The National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations (NAJASO) Dr. Joyce El Ali, plans to rebrand and relaunch the 47-year-old diaspora organization, in an effort to respond to the changing needs of the community.

Addressing the annual general meeting of the association, Dr. El Ali told the membership, “it is time to reassess NAJASO’s performance and develop plans and programs geared toward reintroducing its relevance and attractiveness to existing and potential members. We must reset NAJASO’s trajectory for attaining a sustainable future. We must review where NAJASO has been and where it is heading. This administration must seize the opportunity to create a new path for NAJASO and modernize its structure, its focus and its engagement efforts.”

“We need to find new ways of reaching prospective members.  We need to be prepared to change the structure of NAJASO by acknowledging that what worked almost five decades ago may not work going forward. Consequently, we must be prepared to work hard at developing plans and programs aimed at rebranding and relaunching NAJASO,” El Ali declared.

Over the years, the organization has contributed numerous scholarships to students at the University of the West Indies; mounted numerous medical missions to Jamaica and contributed to early childhood projects in St. James, St. Catherine and Kingston.

Recently, NAJASO in responding to Jamaica’s COVID-19 Telethon “Together We Stand,” contributed USD$11,000, plus an additional USD $2,000.00 earmarked for meals to children in depressed areas of Jamaica.

Ambassador Audrey Marks
Ambassador Audrey Marks

The NAJASO president applauded Ambassador Audrey Marks as well as Culture and Entertainment and Sports Olivia “Babsy” Grange for their tireless work on the Telethon and the tremendous success their efforts engendered. “NAJASO is extremely proud to have been a part of this significant effort to provide needed equipment and resources to address the COVID-19 pandemic in Jamaica,” she said.

Dr. El Ali said her administration would be embarking on a strategic planning mission as the  organization struggles for sustainability and will focus on six key goals. These include:

  • Strengthen relationships with Jamaica’s Ambassador; Consul Generals and other Jamaican government representatives at home and abroad.
  • Recruiting a new generation of members to ensure effective succession planning.
  • Deepen relationships with member organizations to increase knowledge, effectiveness, and capacity for collective action.
  • Build bridges and increase partnerships with key institutions business, government, etc.
  • Strengthen community engagement.
  • Collaborate with member organizations to strengthen their economic sustainability.

In a letter congratulating the president, Ambassador Audrey Marks, commended Dr. El Ali and her Board for their dedication and vision to move the organization to a new level, and pledged the support of the Jamaican embassy to work alongside the organization.

In concluding, Dr. El Ali said NAJASO would not have survived almost five decades without the dedication of those who remained loyal to its mission. “It is with this in view that I reflect with great hopefulness and renewed commitment to NAJASO’s vision of bringing the Jamaican communities together with greater emphasis on collaborative and unified efforts in meeting the by needs of our communities,” she concluded.

The new members of the board are:
  • Dr. Richard E. Constable –  Board Chairman
  • Dr. Joyce El Ali – President/CEO
  • Mr. Rick Nugent –  Executive Vice President
  • Ms. Janice Wisdom – Executive Secretary
  • Mr. Derrick L. Harvey – Treasurer
  • Ms. Beverly Morrison- Recording Secretary

The National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations was launched 47 years ago by former Jamaican Ambassador to the United States Alfred Rattray who saw the need to bring all the Jamaican organizations in the United States under one umbrella.

The Mission of organization is to be internationally recognized as the representative umbrella Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations, distinguished by strong collaborative relationships with member organizations and nonpartisan partnerships with governmental agencies that engender needed programs and services in health, education and economic development in the communities we serve.


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