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Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel Hosting a Law Day field trip for Brownsville Middle School students

Brownsville Middle School Law Academy Students To Visit Third District Court Of Appeal In Commemoration Of ABA Law Day

MIAMI – On Tuesday, May 23, 2017, the Third District Court of Appeals will host students from Brownsville Middle School Law Academy in commemoration of American Bar Association Law Day 

In the month of May each year, the law firm of Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel, LLP hosts a Law Day activity with its adopted Brownsville Middle School in Liberty City, Miami.

This year’s Law Day theme is “The Fourteenth Amendment: Transforming American Democracy.” The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified nearly 150 years ago, guarantees the rights of due process and equality under the law.

Through this amendment, most of the protections in the Bill of Rights became enforceable against the states for the first time. It also defined citizenship and barred states from denying any citizen the privileges and immunities of citizenship.

This year’s Law Day theme provides the Brownsville students an opportunity to explore how the Fourteenth Amendment has transformed American law and society and furthered the cause of assuring liberty and justice for all.

Chief Judge Richard Suarez and Judge Robert Luck will host the Brownsville Middle students for a history and overview of the Third District Court of Appeals and moderate a mock debate and role playing exercise on the three branches of government in the American democracy.

Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel Hosting a Law Day fieldtrip for Brownsville Middle School students
Attorney Jerry Hamilton

“This Law Day field trip will highlight the significance of the Fourteenth Amendment and how it has contributed to our understanding of the rule of law and equality,” said HMB managing partner, Jerry D. Hamilton.

“We treasure this partnership with the attorneys at Hamilton Miller and welcome this practical learning experience for our students which can be applied to their studies at school and their own citizenship in their community,” emphasized Dr. Dorothy Bendross Mindingall, Vice Chair, Miami Dade Public Schools.

In partnership with Miami-Dade Public Schools and the Foundation for New Education Initiatives, Inc., HMB will be renovating two classrooms on the Brownsville Middle School campus into a 21st century mock courtroom and will assist with the development of a law academy curriculum.

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