Art Week Comes to Plantation for an Island SPACE Exhibit

Featuring Paul Campbell and Pan American Art Projects

PLANTATION – From November through Miami Art Week and until February 2023, Island SPACE Caribbean Museum presents two simultaneous fine art exhibitions featuring the work of Paul Campbell and Miami’s Pan American Art Projects. Art collectors and supporters are invited to the opening reception. The reception will take place on the evening of Friday, November 18th, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. Then the general public is invited to view the work in the Island SPACE art gallery through Sunday, February 12th.

Additional art appreciation events and activities, including a movie night and artist talk on Friday, December 2nd, will be scheduled. Visit the museum’s website for details.

“Fervent Hope” by Jamaican artist and actor Paul Campbell.
“Fervent Hope” by Jamaican artist and actor Paul Campbell.

Jamaican Actor and Surrealist Paul Campbell

“Paul Campbell: Color and Time” showcases the works of Jamaican actor and surrealist Paul Campbell. Known for his portrayal of dark and sinister characters on the silver screen, Campbell reveals a dynamic and introspective side with his vibrant, abstract, thought-provoking acrylic pieces which contemplate the relationship between the ethereal and the mundane. Large canvases adorned with piercing eyes, geometric lines, otherworldly symbolism and a remarkable saturation of color reveal something like a psychedelic dream meant for the viewer to step into and decipher.

Pan American Art Projects

From Pan American Art Projects, a group of Cuban artists are featured in the complementary Island SPACE exhibit “Cuba: Island in the Cold.” As Cuba’s borders have relaxed in recent years, work created by its incredibly talented artist community has trickled into the Miami art scene. Culturally, Cuba shares much with other nations of the Caribbean. Yet, its people have experienced singular political and social realities. Especially, as a country cut off from the rest of the world.

Cuban artist Serlian Barreto
“El Ilanto de Trichocereus” by Cuban artist Serlian Barreto
Featured Artists

This exhibition seeks to convey the unique perspective of Cuban artists and their place in Caribbean history, present and future. The featured artists are Serlian Barreto, Ariamna Contino, J. Roberto Diago, Wanda Fraga, and Jose Manuel Fors. Plus, Filio Galvez, Ivan Perera, Lisandra Ramirez, and Leticia Sanchez Toledo.


Island SPACE fine art curator Anna Visnitskaya said, “The museum team has been a fan of Paul Campbell for quite a while. We were all excited for the chance to finally show his work, particularly during Art Week. And this collection of Cuban art, like Paul’s work, is truly breathtaking, but in a much different way. As a whole, this show beautifully captures a breadth of aesthetic and expression presented by contemporary Caribbean artists.”

Get tickets to the opening reception and learn more at islandspacefl.org/colorandtime.



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