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Mayor Gillum Commemorates Emancipation & Jamaican Independence Day

Commemorative message from Mayor Andrew Gillum and Democratic Candidate for Florida Governor on the 56th Anniversary of Independence of Jamaica

TALLAHASSEE — It is my distinct honor and privilege to extend the warmest wishes to all Floridians of Jamaican descent as you celebrate the 56th anniversary of independence of Jamaica.

In recognizing your 2018 celebration theme of — “One Love..One Family” — I am inspired by the countless contributions that Jamaicans have made to the development of our Florida family.

Despite the challenges of your assimilation and integration into the landscape of the State of Florida, you have endured with your resilience, entrepreneurial acumen, and indomitable spirit. Your contributions to our healthcare and education systems, international business & trade economy, and the cultural vibrancy of our State are noteworthy.

As a candidate for Florida Governor, I pledge my unbounded commitment to ensuring that all Floridians of Jamaican descent are able to continue their pursuit success in this American journey through the securing of access to affordable healthcare, good paying jobs, great public schools for our kids, and dignity in your quality of life in our State.

I wish you all the best in your annual commemorative celebrations as you celebrate the richness of your music, culture, food, and fellowship. I celebrate with you.

Happy 56th Independence!

One Love…One Family!

Mayor Andrew and R. Jai Gillum

Democratic Candidate for Governor

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