It’s A Summer Banger But Lil Saint Needs It To Be More

It's a Hot Summer Banger, But Lil Saint Needs It To Be More.
Lil Saint

[Port-of-Spain, Trinidad]Trinidad and Tobago artist, Lil Saint MTG and his team of creatives are at it again, whipping up a summer banger that’s likely to get instant reaction this August, and much like other entertainers facing the restrictions of the pandemic at this time, the entertainer’s doing his part to keep fans engaged and his female audience in particular, on their toes.

V.I.P Video

The new single, “V.I.P, comes complete with a brand new music video. The video features some conventionally hot action, but according to Saint, whose real name is Akeem Williams, “it’s merely artistic expression”. The artist says he really wants to highlight the beauty of women across the Caribbean. “We have so many talented women of extraordinary appeal. They’re all worth our admiration,” he said coyly. The song’s undertone, while raw and real, for Saint, holds even greater meaning. “Our generation is a bit different. We’re more open to straight forward, blunt expression. Saint also wants all women to understand that they’re queens and deserve to be treated as such,” he said.

Lil Saint’s Message

Saint says he understands the importance of sharing his gift with the world, but also understands the market he’s in. “We’ve got to entertain and sometimes it’s tough to do that while sharing uplifting messages, but with this particular track, I want ladies to dance and be themselves but still know that as a male artist, I value them as professionals, caretakers, businesswomen and all else. Women contribute in a really meaningful way to all of our lives, and it’s time for us to all respect that,” he said.

Lil Saint’s Other Endeavors 

Saint is well known in Trinidad and Tobago for his involvement in the Hip Hop and Rap fraternity. In recent years, he has welcomed evolution, dabbling in other genres, inclusive of Soca and dancehall music. He’s excited to bring this project to life. “This is for all the ladies the world over, who are focused and committed to being their best selves, no matter what careers they have, or what their personal aspirations may be. We respect and love them for who they are and all the fun and hope they bring to all our lives,” he said. For more on Lil Saint MTG, follow him on Instagram @lilsaintofficial. Check out the brand new video for V.I.P on YouTube.


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