Independence message from Ambassador of Jamaica to the USA

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Independence message from Ambassador of Jamaica to the USA, Her Excellency Audrey P. Marks:

My fellow Jamaicans,

This year, as we celebrate our Emerald anniversary commemorating Jamaica’s 55th year of Independence under the theme, “Celebrating Jamaicans at home and abroad,” we are reminded that as a people with a noble heritage, we have made considerable achievements.

Our country’s anniversary provides an opportunity for Jamaicans at home and abroad to reaffirm their pride in and commitment to national development and the achievement of a prosperous Jamaica.

Despite our challenges, we have much to celebrate. We must be proud of the fact that Jamaicans the world over continue to rank high in virtually every field of human endeavour: in academics and science; in political and economic development and in the cultural arena.

The Jamaican culture has impacted almost every nation on earth through our exploits in Track and Field and the arts; the gastronomical delights of our famous Jamaican jerk cuisine, as well as the worldwide penetration of the infectious beat of Jamaica’s Reggae music.

All this is complemented by the development of our island’s infrastructure, which has enhanced our standing among the preferred destinations for international investors.

This year, our tourism industry is on track to welcome the most visitors ever to our country.

Under astute leadership, Jamaica has begun to deliver on the promise so eloquently laid out on 6th August 1962 by carving out its own niche within the pantheon of the world’s marketplace. As we commemorate 55 years as a nation, it is also a time to renew our resolve to give true meaning to the ideals of unity, self-determination, self-government, self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

Let us be reminded of the vibrancy, resilience, strength and creativity of the Jamaican people through the colours of our flag: Black, Green (Emerald) and Gold. Black is resilient, strong and proud; Emerald represents our nurturing nature, natural beauty and the “groundedness” of the Jamaican people, while Gold speaks to our successes and our destiny to be winners and champions in the world.

I am also proud of the role you in the Diaspora have played in this regard. You have continued to demonstrate to others, including here in your adopted country, the very best of what Jamaica has instilled in you. The recently concluded successful Diaspora Conference affirm yet again that the Jamaican people are determined to ensure that we find pathways to success.

In this our 55th year of nationhood, it is my hope that we will, together, renew our commitment to fulfilling the goals that were set by those visionary men and women who prepared the way, and on whose shoulders we stand today. It is my desire to work with members of the Jamaican community here in the USA, to ensure that we continue to build the Jamaican spirit, vision and ethos for our secured future.

Let this Jamaican Independence season be one that will bring us closer together as a people where we continue to see ourselves as our brothers’ and our sisters’ keepers.

This, I believe, will help us “continue the journey towards Vision 2030”, to the promise of a truly independent Jamaica, in which we can safely rely on one another, and safeguard our heritage as we move forward under God’s guidance.

Happy Emancipendence.

Independence message from Ambassador of Jamaica to the USA, Her Excellency Audrey P. Marks
Audrey P. Marks

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