Deported Jamaicans Get Pro Bono Legal Counsel

ORLANDO – Deported Jamaicans  who were involuntarily returned will again benefit from the expertise of renowned Jamaican Attorneys Wayne C. Golding Sr. Esq, and Joan O. Pinnock Esq.

Wayne C. Golding Sr. Esq. Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Member Southern USA

Wayne C. Golding Sr. Esq. 

Attorneys Wayne C. Golding Sr. Esq, and Joan O. Pinnock Esq. will be offering pro bono legal counsel for the third time at the Jamaica Theological Seminary at 14-16 West Avenue, Constant Spring, Kingston 8, Jamaica on Friday – October 23, 2015 from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Interested Jamaicans must call 973-623-8333 to register prior to Thursday – October 22, 2015.

With enviable track records of successes in immigration and deportation cases, on September 20, 2015, both attorneys returned 2 deportees to United States as US citizens.

Joan O. Pinnock Esq.

Joan O. Pinnock Esq.

Currently both attorneys are private practitioners in Orlando, Florida and Newark, New Jersey respectively. In addition, both were appointed Advisory Board Members to the Southeast and Northeast United States by Honourable Minister Arnaldo Brown, Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

Following the Sixth Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference in June 2015, Golding and Pinnock initiated a project appropriately titled Immigration Assistance for Jamaicans. It must be noted that both attorneys partnered with FURI (Family Unification Resettlement Initiative) headed by Carmeta Lindo, MSC.

Since Jamaicans are amongst the highest number of immigrants deported from the United States, Golding and Pinnock felt the need to help eligible Jamaicans return to their family members.

Attorney Golding will meet with deported Jamaicans  that were involuntarily returned from the Southern and Midwestern United States, while Attorney Pinnock will handle deportees from the NE United States.



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