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Commentary with Winston Barnes: Guyana Visit


SOUTH FLORIDA – The U.S. Secretary of State is currently on a two day visit to Guyana and everyone in the hemisphere should be at least wary.

Firstly, look at the circumstances surrounding the visit; the United Nations this week accused the Maduro administration of committing crimes against humanity, urging that world courts seek who to charge; and the U.S. Secretary of State goes to Guyana, two days later.

There can be no coincidence in the timing of these two events, there is never smoke unless there is some attendant fire.

If no, the question should be asked, why now? Why so close to a U.S. presidential election in less than two months’ time?

Why was the U.S. pushing for the conclusion of the march elections in Guyana?

Even if there is no memory about what the U.S. and Britain did to bring down the government in Guyana decades ago, current history should tell us a few clear realities.

Reports are that the current U.S. President actually surmised shortly after taking office, words to the effect, ‘Venezuela, now there’s a country we should attack’.

So what has Guyana found itself in? It would appear not a pretty near future.

Some have predicted that a major offensive is going to be launched by the U.S. and some are convinced it might very well be an attack on Venezuela. Which will leave Guyana is a very sad place, regardless of what the gifts the U.S. is going to offer in return for facilitating that attack on its neighbor.


Winston Barnes
Winston Barnes
Photo Credit: Leroy “Dreamy” Riley



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