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Caribbean Wellness trailblazer inspiring a new brand of massage therapist

Montego Bay, Jamaica – Patricia Berry-Greenidge has crisscrossed the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas in her quest to bring ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) standards to the Caribbean. She began blazing trails as the Principal of Personal Body Healthcare Clinic and School of Holistic Therapies Inc., which is accredited by ITEC and IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists).  The first graduating class of PBHC Jamaica, comprising of ten graduates, received their ITEC Holistic Massage diplomas on March 14, 2015 at Sunset Beach Resort & Waterpark, Montego Bay.

Patricia Berry-Greenidge, receiving Plaque from Sharon P Chambers
Patricia Berry-Greenidge, receiving Plaque from Sharon P Chambers

Prior to establishing the Clinic & School in 2007, Patricia was a university lecturer,  professional therapist and Spa Consultant in Barbados, teaching Holistic Massage Therapy, Business Professionalism, Reiki and Alternative and Complementary Therapies, to name a few. Having travelled the world, she possesses intimate knowledge of exotic and indigenous spa and wellness therapies and products. She is the mother to a son who is a practicing lawyer, and a grandmother to three boys.

Her contribution to humanity is through teaching her students how to be conscientious, professional and responsible in providing alternative & complementary therapies.   Through her practice and training in holistic massage and alternative healing therapies, she has changed the lives of many. Dudley Malcolm is one such graduate, employed as an ITEC Massage Therapist at Sunset Beach Resort & Waterpark, sponsor of the graduation exercises.

The graduate therapists aware of the tremendous impact this phenomenal woman has made upon them during the course of their study of holistic massage from July 2014 until December 2014, are now charged with the responsibility to provide ITEC professional care and standard for their own clients and students. ITEC graduate, Janet McLeod, CEO at Plantation Soapworks, Jamaica has decided to become an official ITEC trainer, which would facilitate those seeking ITEC accreditation.

In her description of the School’s mission, Patricia shows her strong commitment to student development and Healthcare:  “We at PBHC are dedicated to training and graduating highly qualified and motivated Professional therapists with qualifications which are worldwide recognized. “ Evidence of the success of PBHC’s mission is in its students’ rate of success. All ten Jamaican students received distinctions in their final practicum and boasts a 100% pass rate in Massage Theory with Several Distinctions. These cohorts here and in the Caribbean are truly the ones to watch in 2015 and beyond.

This trailblazer has blazed trails across the Caribbean islands of Belize, Dominica and Jamaica and is showing no signs of abating. The ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage Course commenced July 2014 and ended December 2014. The project was conceptualized by Patricia Berry-Greenidge under the auspices of the CARTFund Health and Wellness Project that seek to help CARIFORUM countries develop the competencies and standards to create products of excellence in the wellness sector.

Combined with the sponsorship of the The Caribbean Export Development Agency with funding support from the Caribbean Development Bank under the CARTFUND Facility. The donors’ generous support have made this wellness project possible, which in turn has spawned many graduates across the Caribbean.

For Patricia, this achievement is a tremendous win over great obstacles. She stood firm, holding to her strong convictions, unshakable faith and belief that Caribbean Spa & Wellness therapists are on par and can compete with the best in the world. This phenomenal woman has left no stone unturned to find the funding to bring ITEC Standard to Jamaica and the Caribbean.

The Jamaican ITEC Graduates presented an Award Plaque to Patricia, recognizing her as a trailblazer in Wellness development in the Caribbean. Sharon Parris-Chambers, graduate and health & wellness consultant, had the honor of presenting it. She read the short tribute statements engraved on the 11 x 14 plaque, some of which are stated here: “With this award we all recognize you as a trailblazer and visionary in the Wellness Industry in the Caribbean.” Below are our statements of tribute to you: “You are a Phenomenal Woman who has dared to follow her dreams and in so doing inspires others to do the same;” “You have inspired me to reach into the depth of my being to be transformed and then to help others to heal through the healing touch;” “You are my mentor & inspiration, activating in me a hunger for knowledge & wisdom, which transforms me into a better more successful individual;” “It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, looking back at some point it was only your steps that were visible, you lifted us higher!;”  “I am grateful for everything you gave me. You didn’t just teach, you mentored,” and in conclusion “You have been like our standard bearer amidst the trials you dared to make us strong. Thank you for making us soar as the eagles we are.” 

Graduation photo with Plaque and Certificates - Left to right: Sharon Parris-Chambers, Audrey Bennett, Shawnette Montaque, Marny Daley, Verona Warburton, Dudley Malcolm, Patricia Berry-Greenidge,  Lance Rose, Charisse Pink, Janice McLeod and Sanatta McLeggon
Graduation photo with Plaque and Certificates –
Left to right: Sharon Parris-Chambers, Audrey Bennett, Shawnette Montaque, Marny Daley, Verona Warburton, Dudley Malcolm, Patricia Berry-Greenidge, Lance Rose, Charisse Pink, Janice McLeod and Sanatta McLeggon

The final quote epitomizes how Patricia Berry-Greenidge, as a “standard bearer,” helped Jamaican ITEC massage therapists to transform into the eagles they are and by extension, Caribbean massage therapists. This new cohort of holistic massage therapists are themselves now charged with blazing trails across the Caribbean creating sought-after wellness products and services.

Patricia Berry-Greenidge and the graduates.
Patricia Berry-Greenidge and the graduates.



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