Caribbean-American Heritage Month Achiever: Jeanette Haynes, Miami Broward Jr. Carnival

Jeanette Haynes
Jeanette Haynes

SOUTH FLORIDA – Jeanette Haynes grew up in Trinidad where she taught elementary and junior secondary schools for many years. In 1981, Jeanette migrated to Maryland, obtained her BS in Accounting from the University of Maryland and entered the Banking industry.  At the same time she raised three children who all lead successful lives here in the US.

Like many of us, Jeanette continues to be deeply attached to her homeland, and spent the next thirty years being an active contributor and leader to displaying and promoting Caribbean culture in the United States.

Jeanette still remembers as a teenager, pushing steel bands down High Street in San Fernando. She can remember the anticipation, the excitement, the unadulterated joy of being part of a community where everyone was focused on the celebration of carnival.  Many decades later, she still feels that way as the Miami Broward Carnival approaches.

It’s no longer about dancing down the narrow streets of her birth city, Jeanette will tell you that her true love is her participation in the Junior Carnival.  She has served the South Florida Children Carnival Committee for 10 years in various positions, ensuring that the children of Caribbean parentage get an opportunity to experience their heritage first hand.

Jeanette’s thoughts on Miami Broward Carnival

Q: What does Miami Broward Carnival season mean to you?

Jeanette: It’s all  about a communal anticipation and energy of a Caribbean-style Carnival right here in South Florida.   Like most immigrants, I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to celebrate my Caribbean culture here in the US. 


Q: Three important ingredients to the Miami Broward Carnival season?

Jeanette: The titillating rhythm of the island music, the cuisine that makes your mouth water, the contagious energy that affects the whole body – that’s the spirit of the Miami Broward Carnival.


Q:  How can young people step and preserve the culture of Miami Broward Carnival?

Jeannette: As the current Chair of the Miami Broward Junior Carnival, I am committed to ensuring that young people preserve and contribute to the multicultural landscape of South Florida.  We invite secondary and post-secondary students to volunteer at the Junior Carnival event. 

Jeanette wishes to combine her knowledge of Caribbean culture and her experience in moving the Junior Carnival to a higher level.  Her commitment to the Caribbean community is outstanding and unwavering.


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