Broward County Restaurants, Gyms, to Remain Open With New Guidelines

Broward County Restaurants, Gyms, to Remain Open With New Guidelines - Mayor Dale Holness

Mayor Dale Holness – Broward County

Broward County Issues Emergency Order 20-21

BROWARD COUNTY – As the number of COVID-19 cases, positivity rates and hospitalizations continue to rise, due in part to some patrons and businesses not complying with local emergency orders,it has become necessary for Broward County to increase its regulatory efforts and increase penalties for those who violate emergency orders Broward County’s actions are designed to contain the renewed and rapid spread of the virus, as South Florida remains the state’s epicenter for cases of COVID-19.

Today, Broward County issued Emergency Order 20-21, which is an all-inclusive order to clarify previous Emergency Orders. The Order is effective at 12:01 AM on Friday, July 10, 2020.

All businesses that violate local emergency orders will be forced to close for 24 hours after their first citation, with each subsequent citation incurring an additional 72 hours of closure (e.g. 96 hour closure after a second citation, 168 hour closure after a third citation etc.).

Additionally, restaurants and other food establishments must discontinue the on-premise consumption of food and alcoholic beverages between 10PM until 5AM. Take out, delivery, drive-through or pick up service will still be permitted.

To further protect patrons, seating at restaurants and food establishments are limited to six (6) per table unless everyone is from the same household, for which the limit is ten (10) persons.Any food and beverage purchased must be consumed seated at the table.

Businesses are urged to continue with remote operations and teleworking where possible. Residents are encouraged to stay home if they can, wash their hands often, observe social distancing and wear a facial covering in public areas.

Social distancing and facial coverings are not only recommended by the CDC as critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19, they are required in Broward County.

It’s also critical to wear facial coverings at all times in the proper manner, including over the nose and mouth as per CDC recommendations. Facial coverings that expose the nose or are worn at the chin are not effective at protecting you or others from the spread of the virus.

For an updated index of the Order’s 18 attachments, which establish guidelines and requirements for various types of businesses, visit and select Emergency Orders.

“If we do not follow the guidelines, we will be forced to rollback openings, and our economy will suffer. I do not know if we will be able to recover from it. Everyone needs to take personal responsibility to stop the community spread and follow the guidelines for the safety of themselves and the public. We cannot move forward if everyone does not comply,” says Mayor Holness.

Residents are strongly encouraged to help with the compliance process by reporting violations to Select “Request for Service,” enter the location of the violation, and select “COVID-19 Business Complaints” as the Type of Issue. You can also call the Broward County Call Center at 311 or 954-831-4000.

Code and law enforcement officers may shut down businesses that are in non-compliance. Both types of reports can be made anonymously.


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