Best Esports Games To Wager On In 2024

The domain of Esports betting has transformed significantly from its early beginnings to a flourishing sector by 2024. Initially met with doubt, it has achieved broad endorsement, reflecting the rapid ascension of Esports betting.

Featuring professional circuits, global competitions, and an expanding audience who want to wager on esports betting sites presents a thrilling opportunity for enthusiasts to connect with their preferred games. This article explores the present dynamics of Esports betting, highlighting top games leading the industry and providing guidance for individuals interested in making wagers.

Best Esports Games To Wager On

Analyzing the Esports Betting Market

Esports wagering has experienced remarkable expansion, propelled by the global rise in esports enthusiasm. This growth trajectory is evident in the broadening scope of the market, attracting a vast audience engaged in wagering practices.

Notable developments encompass the broadening variety of wagering venues and the adoption of cutting-edge technology to enhance the wagering experience. The industry’s growth is stimulated by the spirited competitiveness within esports, with enthusiasts keen to back their preferred teams and athletes through bets.

Top 4 Esports Games for Betting in 2024

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

This virtual game is a big part of esports betting. It is known for its strategic play and big tournaments. The CS:GO Major Championships are big deals with considerable prize money and worldwide interest.

Bettors appreciate the strategic depth of CS:GO, often analyzing past team strategies and player performances. Historical performance insights reveal that teams like Astralis and Natus Vincere have shown remarkable consistency in majors, making them popular choices among bettors.

Furthermore, understanding map selection and the pivotal first pistol rounds can offer bettors an edge. CS:GO’s betting market includes options from outright winners to match-specific events, allowing diverse betting strategies.

League of Legends

League of Legends is a top video game in the esports world. Its popularity is mainly because of its exciting playing style and big international competitions. The World Championship of LoL is known for its tough matches, and many people are betting on them.

When betting on LoL, you can choose who you think will win the game or guess what will happen during the game. This appeals to many different betting tastes. Changes to the game or the way competitive teams play can affect who wins, so it’s essential for people betting to keep up with this news.

Teams like T1 and G2 Esports are often talked about a lot because they have done well in the past and keep winning. For those betting on games, knowing how teams pick their characters before the game starts is just as important as knowing how good the teams are.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is known for its deep strategy and The International, its biggest tournament with the biggest money prizes in esports. Betting on Dota 2 means you need to understand the game’s strategy because The International attracts a lot of bets every year.

Teams like OG and Team Secret are famous for doing well in past tournaments. The betting options for Dota 2 are vast, from betting on who will win the whole thing to guessing what happens in single games or specific moments.

New updates to the game or changes in how teams decide to play are essential for figuring out betting strategies. It’s recommended for bettors to watch these updates and how teams choose their characters to predict better which teams might do well in future games.


Valorant quickly became popular in tactical shooter betting because of the Valorant Champions Tour. It offers new gameplay and team strategies, making every game a chance to place unique bets.

Teams like Sentinels and G2 Esports are starting to stand out as top competitors. Betting on Valorant can include guesses on who wins the game or more detailed bets on specific things that happen in the game.

Since Valorant is still new, it’s essential to keep up with game changes, team performance, and new players to bet smartly. The game can be unpredictable because of new teams and updates, making it exciting but also tricky to bet on

Strategies for Esports Betting

To excel in esports betting, merging a passion for gaming with informed strategic approaches is essential. Here are simplified, direct tips to enhance your betting strategy:

Understand the Esports Ecosystem: Get to know the major leagues, tournaments, and seasonal structures of esports. Recognize the significance of different events for better odds assessment.

Analyze Team Dynamics and Player Forms: Look into team histories, player performances, and recent lineup changes. Individual player forms can greatly influence match outcomes.

Understand Game Tricks: Know the unique tactics for each game, whether it’s a team game like Dota 2 or a shooting game like CS:GO. This helps guess who might win.

Keep Up with Game Events and Streams: Watch the latest game events, follow players’ live streams, and join game talks to get a complete picture.

Make smart choices: Choose an amount of money you’re okay with spending on bets, and stick to that limit. Place your bets across various games and bet types to lower the risk of losing a lot.

Focus on a couple of games: It’s smarter to know one or two games well than to know just a bit about many games.

Pick the Best Places to Bet: When you want to wager on esports betting sites, pick the ones that give good chances to win and many ways to bet. Watch out for special deals, but read the fine print.

Watch Games as They Happen: Watching live can give you unique insights into how teams play and perform, which is suitable for betting on live games.

Keep Learning and Changing: The esports world significantly changes with new games and tactics. Keep up and adjust your betting to stay on top.

Look Back at Your Bets: Go over your past bets to see what worked and what didn’t, learning from wins and losses.

Risk Management in Esports Betting

Being smart about how you bet is vital to having fun and not losing too much money in esports betting. Avoid common mistakes and bet wisely to keep enjoying esports betting safely.

Common Pitfalls To Avoid

Overconfidence and Loyalty: Betting on familiar games or favorite teams can lead to overconfident bets beyond one’s financial comfort zone. Always approach betting with a critical mindset, focusing on data rather than emotion.

Chasing Losses: Trying to regain what you lost by betting more can start a destructive cycle. It’s part of betting sometimes to lose, so don’t make quick decisions to win it all back.

Poor Bankroll Management: Not having a betting budget or not sticking to it can cause big money problems. Only bet what you’re okay with losing and stick to your budget.


Esports is a fun world where thrill seekers and punters can gain access to many new games. Some of the most popular games highlighted in this article have gained many loyal supporters worldwide. During these and other Esports games events, there are many chances to get involved by placing bets. By staying informed and betting carefully, fans can fully enjoy the excitement of esports betting.


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