What are the favorite NBA teams for next season?

What are the favorite NBA teams for next season?

This was another NBA free-agency offseason that didn’t disappoint. We saw some amazing shifts between teams that will make the upcoming season even more exciting.

Some NBA athletes like Kawhi Leonard decided to re-sign with the Lost Angeles Clippers with a four-year contract for close to $200 million and Luka Doncic agreed to a five-year contract for $207 million with the Dallas Mavericks.

These moves spiced up the situation in the league and fans could not wait for the season to start. In today’s article, we will highlight some of the teams with the best odds of winning the 2021-22 NBA championship.

Brooklyn Nets

Things are starting to shine for the Brooklyn Nets as this might be their season. Durant has a strong case of becoming the best player alive, and we want to see a better James Harden in his first full season in Brooklyn.

On top of that, we have Kyrie Irving, an elite point guard when he is in top form, and general manager Sean Marks who has done an impressive job filling the spots for Brooklyn’s roadster.

Since good health is not guaranteed throughout the season, things might go downwards for the Net’s, but if the situation remains stable, they have the best chance of winning the season.

Los Angeles Lakers

Even though Los Angeles Lakers are not the best team going into the 2022 season, but they are definitely one of the most interesting teams to watch. We got LeBron James who still has a lot left in the tank, and he is eager to prove that he is still the most dominant force in the NBA league.

If things turn up well for the Lakers and players like Anthony Davis get a full healthy season, we can expect a lot from this team. It should be one of the contenders for winning the 2021/22 NBA championship.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks are entering the 2021-22 season with a dominant force and a passion for becoming champions. They are no accompanied by Rodney Hood and Grayson Allen for a squad with additional depth, and we have Antetokounmpo who is ready for the upcoming season after a small taste of success.

They are in a strong position and wouldn’t surprise us if Milwaukee cruises through the regular season and on to another Finals in the summer of 2022.

Golden State Warriors

There was no way that they could let Steph Curry leave the squad, and the situation ends up as predicted by Steph Curry signing a massive four-year extension with the Golden State Warriors.

Over the past seven years, Steph successfully led the Warriors to three championships. It’s no coincidence he ranks second in the best point guards of all time by TwinSpires Edge.

With the return of Klay Thomson, this season they are eager to make a comeback hungrier than ever. If the chemistry is still there, the Warriors stand a great chance of winning the upcoming season.

Phoenix Suns

After an unlucky defeat by the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 6 of the NBA finals, the Phoenix Suns are back with a vengeance. Just like Steph Curry, their start Chris Paul signed a four-year extension, and the NBA veteran will still get a chance to get his hands on the championship trophy.

Fans are really excited to see Devin Booker and Chris Paul (CP3) on the court leading the Suns to the top of the championship.

Utah Jazz

After a disappointing result in Game 6 of the Western Conference semi-finals, Utah is finally ready to get over the hump and reach the first Finals since 1998?

How exciting is this for Utah fans?

Well, this season they sure have a chance of winning the season especially with the top-end talent, and depth to the squad even in a crowded Western Conference.

This is going to be an exciting NBA season with a lot of surprises that will pump up the adrenaline for die-hard fans to the max. These are the teams that on paper, have the biggest chance of winning the championship, so if you can find your team here, this will definitely be a season to watch.



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