Your Complete I-130 Checklist for Parents

Your Complete I-130 Checklist for Parents

Getting citizenship for yourself can be very rewarding. However, for many, the biggest joy comes with being able to sponsor a green card for their parents. People take pride in being able to offer their parents a potentially better life. Everyone wants a life like that for their loved ones. Therefore once you have proof of your citizenship, you can apply for your parents’ green card through form I-130.

Before Starting I-130

Before getting started with the form, there are certain documents that you should have at hand. There will be plenty of paperwork involved both for the petitioner and their parents.

For The Petitioner

Paperwork needed for the petitioner includes:

  • Address history, for the past five years
  • History of employment, for the past five years
  • History of past applications for parents or other family members
For Parents

Paperwork required for the parents includes:

  • Address history, for the past five years
  • Five-year history of employment, if any
  • If present in the US, information on form I-94 is required
  • Any previous migration history

Moreover, I-130 is a form that allows you to file a petition for relative application (petition for alien relatives). Once you are 21 years of age or older, this form helps you apply for a green card from your non-US-parents. This form is fairly long and very complicated. Using a service that helps people with immigration paperwork and hiring an immigration lawyer are two steps that can help untangle the knot of bureaucracy.

I-130 Checklist at a Glance

When filing your I-130, it is important to have all of your documents available, as missing documents can cause lengthy delays in processing your application.

Filing Fee

The filing fee is $535 and needs to be paid either through a money order or a check. The fee should be paid along with the application. The process will not start until the petitioner pays the submission fee in full. This fee cannot be waived.

Cover Letter (Optional)

Even though it is optional, a cover letter is better to clarify the situation. It is also helpful to explain any special circumstances.

Form 1-130

The applicant should have a copy of form I-130 with all the answers correctly answered and honestly. If the petition is for your parents, then you should add the supporting documents, which include:

  • Clear specification of the party who the petition is for
  • Your proof of citizenship, given by the US, or a certificate of naturalization
  • Birth certificate of both of your parents
  • If either of your parents has passed away, a death certificate is required.
  • Your parents’ valid passports
  • If your parents are still together and are applying for both of them, a marriage certificate is needed
  • If your parents are divorced, then you need to attach a divorce certificate
  • If either of your parents has formerly been a US resident, then an additional form of I-407 is required
  • A proper translation of all the documents that are not in English. A certified translator should do the translation.
Proof of Status

Your application should have your foreign birth certificate, your new citizenship certification, passport, naturalization certificate, photo of both sides of your passport, and your lawful residency.

Everything you write and send with the form is always reviewed and double-checked. Nothing goes unchecked. If you have lied about anything on the form, it can not only result in the rejection of the application but there can be serious consequences.

Parents Passport Photos

For an I-130 form for your parents, attach photos of their passports. It helps analyze their travel status.

After successful submission, the application can be rejected or submitted for further analysis.

Get Professional Help if You Feel Overwhelmed

Applying for your parents to live with you is a long and complicated process. It requires legal works and proof. Form I-130 is useful to make a clear analysis if you are in a position to have your parents live with you and apply for a green card. Contact a service that helps with immigration or an immigration lawyer if you worried about completing the application correctly.



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