Young People in Florida Demand Senator Marco Rubio Support For The People Act

Young People in Florida Demand Senator Marco Rubio Support For The People Act

[MIAMI] – On Wednesday, April 14, Un-PAC student organizers and activists, who together represent thousands of young Floridians, met with Senator Marco Rubio’s office to advocate for the For the People Act (H.R.1/S.1). This bill is a comprehensive democracy reform package that addresses voting rights, campaign finance, and ethics laws.

Together, the Un-PAC student organizers delivered hundreds of pledge signatures and Letters of Support from Florida’s young people. Plus partner organizations, including Florida College Democrats, Sierra Club of Florida, and March For Our Lives Florida.  All pledging that their support for Senator Rubio in the next election. However, it is dependent on his support for and passage of S.1.

Election Reform

In the meeting, Senator Rubio’s staff informed Un-PAC that the Senator does not have an opinion on the legislation. But Senator Rubio is committed to “…election reform. And, improving the integrity and accessibility of our elections.”

Un-PAC student organizers emphasized that if Senator Rubio has made such commitments, then he has the responsibility to be a leader. Especially in the Senate and Republican Party by backing S.1. The For The People Act is a bill that a strong majority of Americans support, including a majority of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats.

“At this moment, history has its eyes on us. And us young people in Florida have our eyes on Senator Marco Rubio. Especially to protect our democracy and pass the For The People Act,” stated Michelle Mairena.  Michelle is an 18 year-old Un-PAC Democracy Advocate and Miami Lakes Educational Center student.

Who is Un-PAC

Un-PAC is an organization that activates students and young people to fix America’s broken democracy. So that urgent problems this generation faces can actually be addressed through Congress. For weeks, young activists across Florida have been running campaigns. Mainly at their respective schools and communities to generate support for the For the People Act. Un-PAC has hired 70 student organizers across the country in the past six weeks. And, together they have contacted their Senators over 17,600 times.


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