Open Letter to Senator Marco Rubio on Proposed Legislation

June 26, 2020

Open Letter to Senator Marco Rubio on Proposed Legislation

Senator Marco Rubio

Hon. Marco Rubio Senator,

State of Florida

United States Senate

284 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20002

Via email:

Dear Senator Rubio:

I write to you as a resident of Florida and citizen of the United States of America who is not only a constituent of yours, but someone very active in the ongoing efforts to enhance the relations between the United States and the countries of its Third Border-The Caribbean- and more so the countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

The matter on which I am communicating with you is the proposed ‘Cut Profits to the Cuban Regime Act’ which has been introduced by Senators Rick Scott, Ted Cruz and yourself, and which inter alia, requires that the US Department of State considers the beneficiary countries as involved in the illegal act of Trafficking in Persons.

Let me at the outset Senator Rubio express my grave concern and disappointment with your support of such inhumane, unfair and reckless proposed legislation.

While I note that the proposed legislation identifies some conditions under which beneficiary countries could continue to enjoy the critical health care assistance, I consider the overall proposed legislation as an unfortunate act against a nation that has selflessly offered its expertise to save the lives of countless people globally, including in several countries that enjoy excellent relations with the United States of America.

I therefore urge, Senator Rubio, that you lead the effort to discontinue the pursuit of the introduction and passage of this draconian legislation.

I am reliably informed by several CARICOM governments that no funds are paid to the Government of Cuba for this humanitarian assistance which Cuba has long provided to that region, and which recently served to help several of these countries effectively treat with their CORONA VIRUS medical response, including Jamaica, Barbados and St. Lucia, all of which enjoy extremely good relations with our great country.

And this, as our great country, imposed measures which restricted the export from, and even the transshipment through our ports of critical medical supplies destined to help these countries’ medical response to the pandemic.

Senator Rubio, even if it were that the Government of Cuba is directly receiving payments from some rich countries to which it provides medical assistance through the supply of medical personnel, how different is that from US companies that send their staff around the world on lucrative consulting and other contracts, sometimes for long periods without their families, yet these staff members remuneration is not adjusted on the basis of the profits derived from these special undertakings.

Would this be considered human trafficking?

Dear Senator Rubio, as a Caribbean American constituent of yours that has enjoyed the honor of interacting with you on quite a few occasions both in Florida and in Washington, DC, especially during Caribbean American Heritage Month activities, I am of the firm belief that you care genuinely for the less fortunate and would not appreciate the loss of a single life anywhere in the world for the want of medical attention that would save that life.

As the most senior of the three Senators advancing this legislation, I beg your reconsideration and ask that you seek to let your true humanitarianism trump political considerations on this matter.


Wesley Kirton

CC: Senator Rick Scott

Senator Ted Cruz

Secretary General, CARICOM

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