Why Becoming a Hospitalist is Such a Satisfying Career Option

This article will discuss why becoming a hospitalist is a satisfying career option. Topics like the job security that comes with the job, the ability to work as long or as little as you want, and wages that are higher than average on average will be discussed. Hopefully, this article will inspire new medical professionals to take this profession.

A hospitalist offers patients varied services such as medicine, surgery, nursing care, and diagnostic procedures at hospitals in different cities. This makes for an attractive job for people interested in traveling around and working at multiple hospitals instead of staying in one place to raise their family or working so hard that they start suffering from burnout prematurely because of their job.

Job Security

A hospitalist is technically a physician who draws a salary based on the number of patients they see. This means that the more patients that come to your hospital, the more money you make than an attending physician with an office practice or even a general surgeon with a private practice.

Hospitalists see as many patients as they want and can go from place to place if their hospital agrees to have their services. Many hospitalists work for ten years or longer and then decide it’s time for them to retire.

Some hospitals will allow you to keep working for other hospitals, but this may depend on your experience level and knowledge of the different procedures people will see at each network of hospitals.

Hospitalists can also make a decent amount of money despite not having an office practice. Some hospitals pay hospitalists higher salaries than they would if they had an office practice.

Also, hospitalists can refer patients to other hospitals and earn a percentage of the patients their referring doctor sends them to see, so it can be quite lucrative for some hospitalists to work hard to promote referral relationships with other physicians.


Many hospitalists can work as little or as much as they want because of the ability to work at multiple hospitals. Hospitalists tend to work more at hospitals with a high population of patients needing medical care. For example, an emergency room doctor is a type of hospitalist because they see many patients in a day from different hospitals needing immediate care and attention.

Hospitalists Have High Job Satisfaction

Hospitalists enjoy their jobs immensely and are very satisfied with their work. They typically derive a significant amount of job satisfaction from the variety of procedures they see, their ability to perform their job, and their good relationships with patients and other doctors.

Many hospitalists also love being able to travel and see new locations. They get many opportunities to travel, but if it’s not a necessary part of your work schedule, you can choose to work in a particular city to have more time for family stuff.

Hospitalists Receive Great Pay

Hospitalists are paid and not given a set salary for each service they provide to patients. Instead, they get bonuses for performing well in the hospital, but there are no stipulations on what kind of work you must do to receive these bonuses besides working at the hospital.

Some hospitals may require that you see a certain number of patients, but most don’t, so you will still be making high pay if you only see a few patients a day. Also, many hospitals have these bonuses from healthcare insurance companies to attract doctors who are worth as much as top-paid physicians like specialist surgeons or cardiologists.


Hospitalist job openings are predicted to grow by more than 30 percent in the next years in the United States. Hospitalists are the primary people who see patients upon admission to a hospital and after discharge from a hospital following surgery or illness. Hospitalists also see patients in their practices and make diagnoses for them.

Hospitalists are in high demand in the United States. According to the Society of Hospital Medicine, seventy-five percent of hospitals employ hospitalists. According to the report, the need for hospitalists is greater than the supply, so choosing this career can help countless people while offering you immense satisfaction.

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