Vote for Grenadian Model in Miami Fashion Week ‘First Faces’ Competition

Grenadian Model, Joelle Frederick seeks your vote in the Miami Fashion Week Competition

MIAMI – Miami Fashion Week 2017 is on, and the search has commenced for the top fashion talents on the runway. Vote for Grenada’s very own young model, Joelle Frederick.

Vote for Grenadian Model, Joelle Frederick in Miami Fashion Week ‘First Faces’ Competition
Joelle Frederick

10 models will make their triumphant appearance at the show as the ‘First Faces’ on the runway strip. Help Joelle succeed as one of the Top 10 models to be chosen:

  1. Visit the First Faces 2017 Competition website
  2. Scroll down, and click on ‘Next page’ until you find Joelle. Models are listed in alphabetical order
  3. Click on Joelle Frederick, then scroll down and click ‘VOTE’. You can vote again with another internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) or device (computer, phone, tablet)!
  4. Share with your friends on social media and all our Grenadian diaspora

Your vote can give a most sought after position on the runway to Joelle, and help her embrace Miami Fashion Week as the birth of her bright future in modelling.

First Faces The Show is a television first for a real competition – May through June 2017.

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