Top Games Streamed on Twitch

Top Games Streamed on Twitch

There are numerous reasons streamers prefer Twitch to other streaming platforms to communicate with their viewers and create memorable moments. Many social media platforms such as Facebook and Microsoft are updating their application to attract gaming fans and streamers, but they have yet to garner the same popularity as Twitch.

The gaming industry is currently generating more revenue than the music and movie industries because Millennials and Generation Z love playing video games and watch others play as well. Viewers donate thousands of dollars to streamers to continue their passion and keep on entertaining. Moreover, besides
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How to become a streamer on Twitch? You can easily register yourself and start streaming your content on the platform. To gain more views and subscriptions, you must play popular games that many famous Twitch streamers play to engage their viewers. Here are some of the top games with most streams on Twitch that you can play to attract new viewers:

1.      Fortnite

Fortnite is among the most popular games right now. Besides the large number of gamers who stream Fortnite gameplays on Twitch, the game developer keeps engaging viewers with new and exciting items and maps. For instance, the spinning black hole event on 13th October 2019 attracted more than three hundred thousand viewers on a single day. Hence, developers at Fortnite know how to engage the audience and increase their interest in the game. So if you want to boost your viewership on Twitch in the beginning, you should start with Fortnite.

2.      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This first-person shooting game is popular among over 70 thousand average viewers since its release in September 2019. COD Modern Warfare is a violent multiplayer game that will keep your viewers at the edge of their seats till the end. This competitive and fast-paced game has different modes to choose from. You need to purchase the game, but the price is reasonable. If you consider it, it’s close to paying nothing if it allows you to entertain your Twitch viewers. The diverse range of missions is sure to excite you and your viewers.

3.      League of Legends

Many streamers start their gaming career with League of Legends. Since Twitch’s launch, LoL has gained a top spot among the most popular games on Twitch, with more than 36 Billion views worldwide till December 2020. This game is famous for its diversity and lack of depth, engaging more new streamers than any other game. You can easily download and play the game without any cost initially. However, a lot of viewers choose paysafe casino games as the alternative to LoL.  Many streamers try to increase their ranks in a competitive ranking system. Even the competitions are interesting to watch.

4.      Minecraft

For several years, Minecraft has been a popular game for streaming. This open-world includes various interesting techniques such as exploration, survival, crafting, building, and combat, increasing the viewers’ interest. This game is versatile and user-friendly, so if you find it hard to understand complicated games, you can choose Minecraft. You can create amazing content while playing Minecraft. Furthermore, this game is also for multiplayer, so the possibilities for streamers are limitless. If you stream Minecraft on Twitch, you can never get out of style. Many streamers also invite their fans into their world, so streaming Minecraft on Twitch is a great opportunity to interact with your viewers.


When you start streaming on Twitch, you can witness rare events in the world of gaming and keep your audience engaged and get the opportunity to win various perks. Twitch offers various benefits and perks so you can grow your Twitch streaming account. Start your video streaming with these games on Twitch and demonstrate the talent you have by creating amazing content.


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