The Most Promising Teams From Florida in NFL 2022

Florida has a lot to offer the rest of the world, whether it’s tourist spots like Disneyland or entertaining “Florida man” headlines and news stories full of hilarity. Florida has been known for so many things, from the Kennedy Space Center and musical talent to their highly recognized sports teams – having rosters of talented sportsmen and women dominating in sports from ice hockey to the NFL! Their American Football talent is the most feared side of their sports industry and with NFL matches for the season just over halfway finished, it is an excellent time to see which teams seem to be gearing up for a promising new year!

Most Promising Teams From Florida in NFL 2022Florida has it all

Florida has three teams: the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Miami Dolphins. All three teams exhibit the values and characteristics that make for a powerhouse of players, but which team is looking the most promising? The Dolphins have the best history of the three in the NFL  but have definitely been disappointing in the AFC matches so far. Though they have not been quite up to par for a while, there is always the possibility of a comeback season.

Everyone, even non-NFL fans, knows the name Tom Brady and he has been pushing the Buccaneers to an unprecedented standard since they acquired him in the last transfer season from the Patriots. The Jaguars have a lot of heart and seem to come extremely close to clutching up the finals but rarely seem to follow through with their goal. Their eyes stay firmly on the prize, but their efforts are not reaping the results they were hoping for this season.

The most promising team

The Buccaneers are currently the driving force of the Florida teams, making the state proud. While the Dolphins are last and the Jaguars second last in their respective group, the Buccaneers are completely dominating. The Buccaneers have maintained their control over their division, currently boasting a lead well over 50 points with only two losses on their record this season. The addition of Tom Brady seems to be working wonders for this Florida team, although it seems even with the Buccaneers, Brady struggles to beat the Saints – that game being one of their two losses this season. However, in Tom Brady’s book, it was just one more game to add to his list of many failed attempts. Despite the fact that he is seemingly cursed when it comes to playing against the Saints, the Tampa Bay area is lucky to have Tom Brady on their side as he is already proving to be an invaluable piece to their puzzle.

Most Promising Teams From Florida in NFL 2022 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins, on the other hand, seem to be struggling, and it is something hard to witness for many of the fans. Their die-hard fans will never give up hope, but the future for one of the oldest professional teams in the state is not looking all that promising. They have lost all of their matches and barely managed to put points up compared to the other teams at the bottom of their respective divisions. Hopefully, the last half will show some improvement for them as they do have the will and drive to win; they just seem to be on a long spell of inconsistent playing. They lost by a landslide against the Buccaneers and then also to the Jaguars, making them the worst team in Florida right now despite the Jaguars performing similarly badly in their own group – with only one victory to their name and a difference in points from last place that can be changed with just one good game from the Texans. If they do not change their course, the Jaguars will be worse off than the Dolphins. This sadly has gone on for the better part of two decades, but fans seem to be holding strong even now.

So, it can be seen that the Jaguars are also struggling. They seem to be on the ropes this season, being the only team that the Dolphins have come close to beating, though they managed to scrape a win with three points which saved them the embarrassment of being the worst-performing Florida team this season. At this rate, the Jaguars are still never going to make it to a Super Bowl. Admittedly this year was said to be going worse for them as they are in a development year, and critics, professionals, and other sportspeople were speculating a whitewash for the Jaguars. They were expected to lose all 17 games this season and have already gone above the premature claims.

New talent

The true talent seems to be hiding in Florida’s 2022 draft for the NFL. The national team for Florida, the Gators, have definitely created a roster oozing with talent and brutality. Their team has a lot of prospects that are lining up to be extremely promising and a junior class that is putting an unexpected level of football down – creating a lot to get excited about in Florida’s NFL season.

New talent seems to be where all sport is heading to. A lot of the legends we have at the moment are nearing the point where they can kick back and enjoy their status, making room for these drafts from college to become our new sporting icons. It is going to be hard to let go of the names and faces that the NFL and its fans have come to know and love, but it is necessary if there is going to be a change in the way these teams are developing. Some of the Florida pros of yesterday that still play today need to see what else the state has to offer and maybe take a relaxing trip to Orlando to visit Disney.

Most Promising Teams From Florida in NFL 2022

Football frenzy

Next year, it has been said that we will be seeing international NFL games, and Germany will be one of the first contenders in this new and exciting venture for the sport. For as long as it has been around, American Football has only really been popularized and played professionally in America, hence the term “American Football,” but now the move towards the world just calling it the more inclusive “football” is on! Any contact sports held in stadiums are amongst the most energetic and thrilling games to watch! American Football expanding and being played internationally is going to be a wonderful addition to the world of contact sports, and one that many fans outside of the Americas and Canada have long been waiting for.


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