2020 NFL Football Picks: Ten Best Defensive Ends, Donald Leads The Way

2020 NFL Football Picks: Ten Best Defensive Ends, Donald Leads The Way

As they say, “A good defense is a good offense.” This quote is relatable to some fields of endeavor, where someone has to find the best strategies to reach their goal. In sporting events, such as the National Football League (NFL), the team that shows an impressive defense throughout the season can more likely make the cut than those who don’t.

In line with that, the NFL, one of America’s leading sports tournaments, will begin on September 10, 2020. It will feature 32 teams coming from the AFC and NFC, which makes up the whole league. As such, each team needs a tough quarterback to lead the troupe in their quest for this year’s NFL title.

But the quarterback isn’t the only one that has the biggest role. A football team also needs edge rushers or defensive ends. Arguably, it is also one of the most crucial roles in the NFL as they fill up the team’s needed defense. Thus, in the upcoming 2020 NFL season, here are some NFL expert picks of ten best defensive ends every fan should look out for.

Aaron Donald

Taking his 6th-year flight with the Los Angeles Rams as the starting defensive tackle, Aaron Donald is leading the chart of this year’s best edge rushers. He’s not only one of the best DE’s, but he’s also a great football player. Last year, he was able to record an average of  12.5 sacks. In the past six seasons, Donald averaged 72.0 sacks.

Chris Jones

Recording at least 136 tackles and 33.0 sacks in the 2019 NFL season, Chris Jones settled a seat behind Aaron Donald as the best defensive tackle. He has been playing with the Kansas City Chiefs since 2016 and will return to the same group this NFL edition. It is his second straight year as the second-best defensive end in NFL history.

Kenny Clark

Settling on the third rank for the best DE’s today is Kenny Clark. He has played with the Green Bay Packers since 2016 and is in his 4th year playing for the same team in the upcoming NFL season. In last year’s NFL season, Kenny Clark has recorded 193 tackles, 16.5 sacks, with only seven pass deflections.

Grady Jarett

In 2019, Jarett was contracted for a $68 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons, and undoubtedly these figures are worth it. Playing for the Falcons as the starting defensive tackle for five years has led him to clinch the fourth rank. Last year, he had recorded around 248 tackles with 21.5 sacks.

Fletcher Cox

With his 8-year career as a defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, Fletcher Cox is taking the 5th rank in today’s NFL best DE’s. In 2018, he had his career-high when he averaged 10.5 per game. Today, he is returning for the same team, hoping to outdo his previous record and bring the Eagles to the league playoffs.

DeForest Buckner

The San Francisco 49ers may have let go of DeForest Buckner this season, but he’s finding a new home with the Indianapolis Colts. He will serve as the Colts starting defensive end, which might give the team a chance to vie for the divisional playoffs. In his last season with the 49ers, Buckner recorded 263 tackles and 28.5 sacks.

Cam Heyward

Taking the 7th rank in today’s best defensive tackle chart is Cam Heyward. He has been working with the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2011 and will return to the same team in the upcoming NFL season. Looking into his records for the past eight NFL seasons, Heyward is the most consistent DE’s when it comes to ranking, unlike other players.

Calais Campbell

The Jacksonville Jaguars had traded Calais Campbell to the Baltimore Ravens this year and will work as the starting defensive tackle. Campbell currently ranks in the 8th spot, but this might change once he shows an excellent play in today’s NFL season. Last year, he was able to accomplish 696 tackles and 88.0 sacks.

J.J. Watt

After missing the NFL season last year due to a pectoral injury, J.J. Watt will be back to play with the Houston Texans this year as their main defensive end. Although last year did not look good for him, ever since he joined the Texans, Watt has been impressive in his games. With only a few games played last year, Watt still managed to record 479 tackles and 96.0 sacks.

Javon Hargrave

Taking the final spot in today’s NFL top defensive ends is Javon Hargrave. He will be joining the Philadelphia Eagles this year after getting traded by the Pittsburgh Steelers. There is no doubt that the Eagles have signed him for a $39 million deal since he is the most difficult player to block.  Last year, Hargrave accomplished 168 tackles and 14.5 sacks.


The defensive end takes one of the heaviest responsibilities like the quarterback in an NFL team. Aside from maintaining the team’s excellent defense, they also have to ensure that their team can make an easy goal. With the ten best defensive ends above, the 2020 NFL season will inevitably bring another level of thrill and excitement.


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