“The Crossover” Radio Show to Broadcast at ‘Jamaica Day’ in Atlanta

ATLANTA – Love 860 AM will be broadcasting the only radio show from the ground at the first installment of Atlanta Jamaican Jubilee Events celebrating Jamaica’s 50th independence.

“The Crossover” radio show, which runs every Saturday from 5pm-7pm, will be doing wall to wall coverage of “Jamaica Day” from Salem Park in Lithonia, Georgia. Glen Simmonds, who is the executive producer of the Atlanta Caribbean Jerk Festival, will be guest hosting at the event with “The Crossover” Caribbean correspondent, Jason Walker co-hosting from Miami.

Walker lived in Atlanta for 19 years after arriving from Kingston and says the city plays a critical role in the American experience for many Jamaicans.

“The Jamaican community in Atlanta has grown strong and left a powerful mark on this southern city,” he said. “The strides that Jamaicans have made despite the odds in Atlanta are inspiring and leave me with pride. For us Jamaicans who cannot go home to join the Jubilee celebrations or go to London to see Jamaica mine Olympic gold, “The Crossover” will provide us a way to be a part of all the greatness of Jamaica 50 by having this live broadcast.”

Special guests scheduled for the program include Bunny Ruggs of Third World, Karen Marley to discuss the recently released Bob Marley documentary “Marley”, correspondents in London reporting on the Olympics and the Atlanta base of Jamaican American community leaders looking back at fifty years of independence. Jamaican General Consul to Atlanta, Vin Martin says the community welcomes the support.

“We are truly delighted that “Love 860” [The Crossover] has chosen to partner with us to deliver the contents of the Jamaica 50th to its listeners,” he said. “In celebrating our independence on this weekend, we hope to demonstrate to everyone that Jamaica’s Golden Jubilee is of significant importance to all Jamaicans wherever they reside.”

“The Crossover’s” marquee host and Virgin Islander, Devin Robinson will also be sending his congratulations to Jamaica from his third annual Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Summer Conference and is encouraging non-Caribbean community members to join the global family of listeners.

“Jamaica has been the compass of the Caribbean culture and entertainment for many years,” he said. “It has turned out some of the greatest global pioneers in music, politics and athleticism. Their 50th Celebration is one that should be embraced, not only by Jamaicans, or other Caribbeanites. It should be embraced and celebrated by the entire Diaspora that reaches to all parts of the world.”

“We intend to enhance the experience of Jamaica 50 globally from live streaming to social networking,” says producer Bruno Gaston. “The team will be rebroadcasting the show online with bonus programming afterward so the rest of the Diaspora celebrating around the world can listen to Atlanta’s contribution to this moment of national and cultural pride.”

“The Crossover” airs every Saturday from 5pm-7pm EST on Love 860 AM. Bonus programming will include Jason Walker’s interviews with Marcia Griffiths and David Rudder discussing the fiftieth independence days of Jamaica and Trinidad.

More information at: www.thecrossovermedia.com.

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