Honorebel Reinvents Himself on Latest Album, “Guru”

Honorebel Reinvents Himself on Latest Album, "Guru"

by Howard Campbell

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – A popular figure on the South Florida music scene, Honorebel firmly believes artists should reinvent themselves to stay relevant. On “Guru”, his latest album, he does just that.

The 16-song set is scheduled to drop on August 6, bearing his Phantom Music Group seal. It hears the singjay trying a variety of sounds including reggae and hip hop.

“If we were to compare it (Guru) to Above The Noise, Above The Noise was more dancehall/reggae-influenced. This one has a more crossover feel,” said Honorebel.

While he is always keen to reach a diverse audience and different fans, Honorebel puts a reggae feel on If Only I Knew, a R&B ballad that was a big hit for lovers rock king Beres Hammond in 1981.

It was Paul Kastick, drummer for Big Mountain, who suggested he cover the song with the California reggae band for Kastick’s Groove Galore Muzik label.

“It’s a song that I know and I like. It’s one of those magical songs that once you hear it, it has an effect on you,” said Honorebel.

He shows his versatility by singing and deejaying on On Top of The World. Another song, Twerk Something, features Zambian hip-hop artist Jay Rox.

Over the course of 11 albums, the genre-bending Honorebel has worked with countless artists. Some of them, including Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew fame and Pitbull, are South Florida heavyweights.

Now You See It (Shake That Ass), his collaboration with Pitbull and house music trio Jump Smokers, made Billboard dance charts in 2010.

Honorebel steps up promotion for Guru on August 7 with Jamaica’s Independence Celebrations, an event at One 11 Boca.




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