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The Challenges (and the Solutions) of Parenting While in College

Being a parent has never been easy, neither has being a college student, especially if you are both at the same time. Even though the percentage of college students as parents has always been low, you can still be found among us and we recognize your troubles.

In order to raise a child properly but also finish your studies in due time, you need to resort to some unusual solutions for the challenges you face, so stick with us while we try and guide you through it.

The Challenges (and the Solutions) of Parenting While in College

Count on Family and Friends

Having a supportive environment is the most important factor to consider when searching for a solution to your troubles. If you are lucky to have family and friends who live nearby you should ask them first if they can help you in whatever way they can.

Your parents, for starters, have already gone through the whole experience of successfully raising a human being (look at you, all up and ready for college!) so naturally they should at least have sound advice on what to do, if not outright being willing to step in for you when you are too busy with exams or lectures.

Likewise, friends of similar age might be becoming parents too and will be able to share baby and child accessories with you once they overgrow them.

Find a Suitable College

If you haven’t enlisted yet but are considering going to college while being a parent – see if there are any degrees that would be easier for you to follow through while being a parent. Listing through online college guides will give you an idea of what is out there and what the requirements are. For example, as we have seen during the corona lockdowns, online lectures are becoming very popular in higher education also – something that is very useful for those that are working while studying or are, maybe, parents with less free time on their hands.

Of course, you will also have the liberty of choosing a college that is maybe nearby, or in, your hometown so you don’t have to commute long hours back and forth every working day. This type of planning is usually advised to those who are not financially independent while studying, but it is also good for college parents too.

Group up with Other Parents

Finally, realize that you are not alone in your troubles and that there is a significant number of student parents, especially single mothers, everywhere in the world. The resources you can gather together, for example finding a nanny for all your children at the same time while you are attending lectures, exchanging parenting books and advice, and finding ways of financing your studies, are invaluable.

Your child’s social life will also see a turn for the better as it will have similar-aged kids to hang out with for the few years you are a student without the capacity to send them to kindergarten.

The Challenges (and the Solutions) of Parenting While in College

Improving your life for the better by getting a degree doesn’t have to be restricted by being a parent, far from it. While it is a challenge for many to fulfill all of their daily tasks during such a period – it is not impossible, and with a little help from those close to you, it may even seem easy in the end.



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