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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online When They’re Using The Internet More Than Usual

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

With the passing of 2020 we have seen and realized a few things, the most important thing is to adapt to this new lifestyle which is going to stay around for a while. We are at our homes more than usual because of the pandemic crises and no one can assure for how long it is going to be the same.

We are at home for our works, dads are busy in one room while moms are busy in another in their meetings and work. Kids are also taking online classes and as a whole, whole families are using the internet more than ever. Kids have access to the internet for long hours and it is also a requirement for sure but parents are also worried because it gets difficult to monitor them when you are busy.

You can choose a secure internet connection:

The good thing is that you have an option to choose an internet connection that offers security that will keep your data protected and you can also keep an eye on the activities of your kids, for instance, Windstream internet is offering kinetic internet that comes along with security and parental controls. You can lock the screens for your children to make sure that they are only using the internet for their classes.

Utilize parental controls in the right manner:

You have an option to add restrictions on the websites that your kids are using by using paternal controls. You can add restrictions on the devices that they are using, like Tables, IPads, and computers. You can also lock the screens other than the one which they are currently using and if they attempt to open another website they won’t be able to do that besides, you will also receive a notification.

Paternal control is the best way to manage the screen limit for your kids and it also helps you to keep the right kind of balance.

Check the browsing history:

If your kids are very young and you are worried about the content that they might view online even on google, you can keep a check on their browsing. Just click on the right side of your browser, you will be able to see the option of “history”, click on that and look into the browsing history. You will be able to see all the websites and content that your child has seen and you can keep a check on their internet usage this way.

The security offered by kinetic internet:

Coming back to the kinetic security that is offered by Windstream, you can have enhanced control over the online internet activities through them. You can have control over online content. Kinetic secure provides restrictions on the adult content that is available online and you can have parental control for that. It is the best way to make sure that your child is not watching any obscene content online.

You can also have control over your Wi-Fi internet. They also offer you identity protection that will keep your data and presence safe online. Since we usually add our details including financial details when we shop online, it can be risky if we don’t have protection. Anyone can hack your device or your device can get corrupted due to any virus or malware present online but with a secure connection, you will not face that issue. It is better to choose an internet service provider that provides you control and free protection as well. Many ISP’s do offer internet protection.

Controls provide by kinetic internet:

With kinetic internet, you can control the number of devices that are being connected to your internet. Add screen restrictions on the devices that your kids are using and you can also add a specific time limit on the usage of the internet for your kids. You can also restrict the devices that are being connected and pause the Wi-Fi internet. Once, you pause your internet, no one will be able to use it.

What should be allowed?

You should be giving your children access to all educational websites and pages that will help them to learn something new and better. You can make a list of good educational websites and if you get time, you can take part with them once in a while to make sure that their learning is going on the right track.

Wrapping Up,

There are many smart solutions these days to monitor the activities of your kids. You just need the right kind of internet and apps through which you can monitor everything that your child does online with help of your device. Parental controls are savvy and it also helps you to save your time. Be smart and active!



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