South Dade Voters Return Commissioner McGhee to Office

South Dade Voters Return Commissioner McGhee to Office
Commissioner McGhee (R) with his family.

South Miami-Dade – Stacy, the children, Team McGhee, and I are deeply honored and grateful for the trust you have placed in us by giving us an additional four years to represent our incredible community. Throughout our first term, it became evident that our county government seemed stuck in 1992, perpetually viewing South Dade through the lens of a hurricane-ravaged community with little hope for recovery. Despite the significant progress made by Commissioner Moss, the misconception that South Dade was too “country and far” led to us receiving less attention and resources compared to other parts of the county.

We knew that the only way to change these misconceptions was to be unapologetic, stand firm, bring dignity to the South, and deliver tangible results. Together, we have achieved just that. We understand that government alone can’t solve all our problems, but by working hard with the community, we have made government work for us, delivering exceptional services, results, programs, and grants. Our District 9 team was instrumental in these achievements.


During our tenure, we launched a series of ambitious initiatives to address disparities head-on. Here are some significant accomplishments under our leadership:

  • Agritourism:

We created sustainable farming and promoted tourism to harness the rich agricultural heritage of Miami-Dade County. Agritourism now generates hundreds of millions of dollars and has saved thousands of jobs.

  • South Dade Logistics Center:

This massive project is expected to create over 8,000 jobs. As a result, transforming the region into a major logistics hub and generating over a billion dollars in economic impact.

  • Homestead Entertainment District:

Utilizing repurposed containers, this innovative district is set to become the largest entertainment area in the region, creating over 250 jobs and generating a billion-dollar economic impact.

This initiative supports a thriving small business ecosystem. Generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for local entrepreneurs and attracting over 17,000 participants.

We have helped hundreds of businesses comply with county and state regulations, empowering local entrepreneurs to succeed.

  • Costco Partnership:

Secured over 300 jobs and $217 million in community benefits through a new Costco outlet.

  • Artz305:

This program brings art and culture to South Dade, enriching the community and fostering local talent.

Tackling Unemployment

To address unemployment and encourage workforce participation, we have established partnerships with local businesses to provide training and employment opportunities. These efforts are designed to help residents re-enter the job market with the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

“We are not just creating jobs; we are building futures,” Commissioner McGhee emphasizes. “Our goal is to ensure that every resident of District 9 has the opportunity to succeed and thrive.”

As we continue to champion these transformative efforts, South Dade is on the brink of a resurgence that will uplift its residents and reshape its economic landscape. These initiatives are not merely projects; they represent the beginning of a new chapter for a district that has long been overlooked, setting the stage for sustained growth and prosperity.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support and belief in our vision for South Dade. Together, we will continue to make incredible strides forward!


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