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Sophia Brown Forms Charity to Assist Jamaicans with Down’s Syndrome

by Howard Campbell

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Inspired by her niece to start a charity to assist Jamaicans with Down’s Syndrome, Sophia Brown’s crusade continued here December 22 with a donation of cash and gifts valued at $1,900.

The donation, from the singer’s Angel Of The Hearts Foundation, was made to the Jamaica Down’s Syndrome Foundation (JDSF) at Hope Botanical Gardens.

Sophia Brown helps Jamaicans with Down's Syndrome
Sophia Brown hands a gift certificate from her Angels Of The Heart Foundation to Richard Trusty and his son Nathaniel, at Hope Botanical Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica on December 22. The Angels Of The Heart Foundation supports children with Down’s syndrome.

It comprised snacks, juices, gifts and funds raised through donations from personal resources, and donations from music distribution company, Zojak Worldwide, and Jamaican companies, WISYNCO and Food For The Poor.

Twenty children, ages one year-old to 17, benefited. Brown described the event as, “A happy occasion. These kids need as much as happiness as possible, especially at this time (Christmas) of year.”

Heidi Buchanan, Brown’s 15 year-old niece, was born with Down’s syndrome. In 2015, Brown started Angel Of The Hearts Foundation which has worked closely with the JDSF, established in 2007.

Over 600 families of children with Down’s syndrome are registered with the JDSF.

Sophia Brown has been a recording artist since 2013. She has released four albums to date, the latest being Bad For Me, which came out last summer.


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