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Soca The Vote.Com urges Caribbean-American Citizens to vote

MIAMI – Soca The Vote.Com (Soca D’ Vote)is encouraging every Caribbean-American citizen (English, French-Creole, Spanish, Dutch speaking) over the age of 18 who is eligible to vote, to vote on Tuesday, January 29th from 7am-7pm in Florida’s Presidential Preference Primary Elections.

All Caribbean-American persons and members of cultural, religious, educational, sports
community, business, charitable organizations throughout the State of Florida are urged to partake in the elections to make a difference as politics impacts the life of every citizen regardless of their race, religion, gender, or national origin.

Political decisions are made with or without a citizen’s participation. Caribbean-Americans have a choice to be involved and engaged in these important decisions and in the future leadership of the country and in their personal on issues ranging from immigration to healthcare.

The Soca D’ Vote campaign is a non-partisan grassroots initiative to foster greater civic awareness and voter education in the Caribbean Diaspora and throughout the Caribbean region.

Voters should remember the following:

– Unlike during Early Voting, voters must go to their assigned polling place, which is listed on their Voter Information Card

– Voters should bring a photo ID that contains a signature

– Do not forget to review your choices and indicate final choice through the respective confirmation mechanism

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