Should You Get a Home Warranty for a Sewer Line?

Should You Get a Home Warranty for a Sewer Line?

There are some things in your home that provide convenience and ease but that you could do without if necessary. Some appliances such as a dishwasher or a microwave fit into this category. As for other household items, it’s difficult to imagine what life would be like if you did not have them. Think of the sewer line that connects your home’s plumbing to the city’s waste system. Without this, your health and safety could be in jeopardy.

You may even take for granted that this element of your house does its job of removing waste from your home. But if your system ever has problems, it can cause a lot of stress, frustration, and inconvenience. Certainly, repairing a broken sewer line can be expensive and requires prompt expert help.

If you needed to fix your home’s sewer line but weren’t in a financial position to do so, it would be a significant hardship. But you can prepare yourself for such a situation; protection is available. You could get a home warranty to cover your sewer line.

Protection for Your Home

If you buy a brand-new house, the builder will provide a one-year warranty. The coverage will include the sewer line. But if you buy an existing home, this protection may not be there. You’ll need to purchase a home warranty to cover the sewer line and avoid having to pay for repairs or replacements.

A home warranty covers sudden, unexpected damage. It also accounts for the wear and tear that will eventually affect all appliances and systems in your house. In this plan, you will pay an annual or monthly premium, and the warranty company agrees to send a professional technician to your home to assess and repair the problem.

It doesn’t matter how old your home is or what the age of your appliances and systems are. Your sewer line could be decades old, and you can still have coverage. The plan will typically cost anywhere from $300 to $700 a year. It would cover the entire sewer line, including repairs to any parts or components of it. It would also replace the entire line if necessary.

The Costs of Sewer Line Repairs

Getting a repair bill for sewer line problems can be eye-opening. The costs can be overwhelming and put you in a difficult financial position. Issues can range from a backup to broken pipes to poor draining. You may detect that there are problems with the line due to foul smells or excessive mold or mildew in the house.

Repairing a sewer line is not cheap. Depending on the problem, you could spend at least $1,000 to fix leaks and cracks. This may involve more patching the pipe, such as removing concrete to reach the line and then digging it up. For bigger jobs, you could be looking at up to $4,000 or more.

The Costs of Replacing a Sewer Line

If wear and tear or other problems have damaged your sewer line enough to require replacing it, the costs could be extensive. You could expect to pay between $50 and $200 per linear foot. The final figures would vary depending on how long the line is, how difficult it is to remove the old one, and what materials you are using.

You should anticipate spending close to $10,000 at a minimum for a replacement. These numbers could jump to $25,000 or even more. These include materials and labor costs.

A Warranty Means the Pros Will Handle the Work

For some household repairs, you don’t need to be an expert to take care of the work. Other types of repairs require someone with more skill and experience. When it comes to fixing or replacing the sewer line, you need a professional to intervene.

When you have a home warranty, you can rely on a licensed technician to diagnose the problem and do all the repairs and installations. You won’t have to worry about this challenging task or fear that you are doing something wrong.

Worth the Costs and Efforts

A sewer line should last for decades, so a homeowner may never have to replace this part of their property. However, if your home is older, you may need to address the sewer line sooner than later. By paying a couple of hundred dollars a year for a warranty, you can spare yourself from having to come up with thousands of dollars all at once to get the sewer line up and running properly.

It’s easy to see why it makes sense to purchase a warranty for your home’s sewer line. This coverage provides peace of mind and financial protection when you need it most. If you know your sewer line is a couple of decades old, it may be time to explore renewing the warranty or getting one for the first time.

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