Replay: Sizzla ft. XXXTentacion – “My Girl” and Pour Some Liquor For X

LAUDERHILL – There is never an easy way to deal death, especially when it’s the death of a young person.

By now you’ve heard about the passing of young rapper XXXTentacion.  Everyone is shocked by the senseless killing and mourning the fact that at the age of 20, X will not have the opportunity he needed to turn his life around and deal with deep wounds that were troubling him.

Billboard chart topping producer Jon Fx was very close to X.  He produced music that X immediately vibed to, wrote lyrics for, and performed on.

X was talented in ways that surprised many, including Sizzla Kalonji who include the artist on the song “My Girl.” Originally recorded in July and released in October 2017, Fx Music Group was planning an anniversary toast to celebrate the success of the song; instead it was played at the candle light memorial for the young artist.

Speaking exclusively to L3 Magazine, Jon Fx said “if people only understood just how talented X was, they would understand the loss the music world has just suffered.  The song “My Girl” is special because as soon as Sizzla heard the riddim, and held a reasoning with X, the song was made – that fast and that much magic.  I’m very sad.”

XXXTentacion with Producer, Fx
XXXTentacion (left) and Jon Fx (right)

It should also be noted that X recorded the song with Sizzla because he wanted to make his  Mom happy.  His Mom Cleo is from Jamaica and proud of her roots.  As a huge fan of Sizzla, XXXTentacion “knew this collaboration would make her [his Mom] happy” the young Rapper said.

The project A&R is Camille from Dancehall USA.

No matter what genre you play, you will want to (re)add this song to rotation.  Rest in peace XXXTentacion…

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