Reggae INVAZION hits downtown Miami with Mutabaruka & Fourth Dimension

MIAMI – On Saturday May 10th, Transit Lounge in Downtown Miami will host a unique event for followers of music, roots-rock-reggae, dub poetry, and rich Jamaican culture. Fourth Dimension, dubbed as ‘reggae legends’ by the Miami Herald and acclaimed South Florida band is celebrating the release of their new album Invazion, which will be digitally available after May 10 on all major digital service providers.

For the recording of this highly anticipated album, Fourth Dimension teamed up with Karl Pitterson, a legend in the reggae world, with notable successes such as the recording and mixing of Bob Marley and The Wailers’ Exodus album – named Time Magazine’s “The Best Album of the 20th Century”. Immersed in Pitterson’s Miami studio, the band spent over 4 months preparing for a Spring 2008 release.

As bassist/vocalist Jah Steve divulges, “In a sense we were trying to create a progressive reggae album while keeping the authentic reggae sound. This concept is precisely why we chose Karl Pitterson to help us with our vision. On the album we feature our new super-dynamic drummer Joe “Grind” Fagan and special guest drummer from Grammy nominee Sizzla’s “Da Real Thing” album Bradley Brown. When writing songs for this album we set out to keep a positive yet rebellious message while staying innovative and fresh. We didn’t want the album to sound like any other reggae album.”

Pitterson’s studio also allowed the band the honor to be surrounded by some of the same equipment that has brought many reggae stars their success. “It was quite a trip and an honor recording some songs on Bob Marley’s personal stage guitar amplifier a 1960’s Fender Twin. We used several different guitars and guitar amps from vintage to newer models in order to achieve different tonalities and feelings…I think we even used a small crate amp Karl found behind a dumpster somewhere on one or two tracks…hahaha!”, says Strings guitars/vocals for Fourth Dimension.

Invazion brings “old-school” reggae fans the deep bass and drums of roots reggae, while also incorporating conscious dancehall. And the message is firm; positive vibes and humanitarian beliefs are still alive. Pierre Arnau, keyboards and vocals in Fourth Dimension relates, “Reggae music is like medicine, people come to our shows and tell us things like, ‘I am off my medication and it’s because you guys really helped me with your music’. The music on the album Invazion was created on the concept of elevating the spirit, body and soul through word-sound-power, it’s what we believe the album was meant to be but it is really up to the listeners to interpret it in their own way.”

Deeply rooted in Rastafarianism, Fourth Dimension succeeds on being revolutionary and radical on this album as well. With tracks like Too Little Too Late, a song criticizing the government for their lack of assistance on the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans the chorus sings “They saw the water was risin’, What they did seems like nuthin’, We saw the innocent dyin’, Thought someone would do something”.

To help with the release of Invazion, Fourth Dimension has linked with another staple of the industry – Mutabaruka, Jamaica’s legendary “dub poet” – which will host the event on May 10. Those who follow reggae music may know the artist Mutabaruka as one of the leading exponents of the genre known as ‘dub poetry.’ The form derived as a natural extension of the Jamaican oral tradition and poetry, combined with a musical backdrop of the island’s well-known reggae rhythms.

To call Mutabaruka merely a ‘dub poet’ belies his accomplishments in music production, radio, film, and business. With significant film role as Shango in Haile Gerima’s film Sankofa. He also appeared in the Jamaican documentary Land of Look Behind, the Peter Tosh documentary Red X and composed the music for Jamaica’s international film Life + Debt.

Mutabaruka’s most important contribution to Afro-Jamaican culture may be his weekly radio program. ‘The Cutting Edge’ on Jamaica’s all-reggae station, IRIE-FM. Since the show went on the air in 1993, Muta’s role as an opinion leader in Jamaica has increased exponentially. The program is unofficially estimated to have a weekly listening base of 200,000 on an island of just over 2.5 million.

Be sure to join Fourth Dimension at Transit Lounge located at 729 SW 1st Ave. in Miami on May 10th, and experience an exclusive performance by Fourth Dimension and Mutabaruka, doors 8pm.

Get your CDs personalized and vibe with the band.

Join positive entertainment such Rastafarian Nyabinghi drum circles music from the Kulcha Shok Selectas spinning the best in reggae from the classics, dub, roots and dancehall. Your eyes will also be delighted as Dekal and Mikeyangelo create live art on this festive night.

This party event features several giveaways including a very unique chance to win a free performance from the band. Other giveaways include a signed guitar, a surfboard from BC Surf+Sport, reggae wear from Cooyah, free Invazion CDs to the first 50 people and Jamaican treats and appetizers throughout the night.

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