Reggae Ambassadors promote Coexistence & Diversity

New York—Legendary Reggae Ambassadors and the Caribbean’s foremost multi-culturalists, Third World, will be performing at Coexistence Festival, Friday, May 18th at the State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The award winning, world renowned band hits the stage in New Jersey as part of a celebration of culture and diversity in a three-week festival of art and music. With an impressive resume of now classic and roots reggae cultural hits and appearances at some of the hottest venues world wide, the inimitable Third World will use this appearance to showcase the power that Caribbean culture has to build bridges, mend fences and passing on reggae’s message of Peace, Freedom, Love and Unity.

Caribbean cultural forms and reggae music in particular has consistently played an important role in raising consciousness, fighting injustice and promoting peace across the world stage. Not coincidentally, the Caribbean continues to shine as a beacon of diversity and coexistence with its celebrations of people from Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The relevance and force of Reggae’s “message music” is evidenced by its continued selection as the music of choice by artists from distant lands who seek to engender understanding and acceptance.

The Coexistence Festival tackles the hot button issue of coexistence and diversity by promoting peace and understanding through dialogue and interaction using the vehicles of music and the arts. It is an event that celebrates and promotes appreciation for ethnicity and diversity within our community. With the festival’s centerpiece as Exhibition Coexistence, a large billboard-sized outdoor art exhibit curated by the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, the exhibit honors the universal message of diversity and acceptance through murals created by artists from around the world.

Thirty-four years ago, Third World begun a journey of spreading positive and progressive “vibes” to an international community with hits such as “Reggae Ambassadors”, “96 Degrees In The Shade”, “Forbidden Love”, “Committed”, and “Try Jah Love,” written by Stevie Wonder. They have been recipients of several awards, including the UN Peace Medal, the Jamaican Music Industry Award for best reggae band (in 1992 and 1996), as well as seven Grammy nominations.

Tickets are on sale now from $75.00 – $30.00. Visit www.StateTheatreNJ.org or call 1-732-246-SHOW(7469) to purchase tickets. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and show starts at 8:00 p.m. For more information about the Coexistence Festival visit www.coexistencefestival.org

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