OAS Assistant Secretary General Pledges Continued Commitment to Haiti in 2012

WASHINGTON, DC – The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Albert Ramdin, has pledged that the OAS will continue to stand in solidarity with OAS Member State Haiti in 2012, and work with the Government and other members of the international community to review and continue development efforts in the country.

Speaking at a meeting of the “Group of Friends of Haiti” in Washington, DC, this week, the OAS Assistant Secretary General said, “the Haitian government has set priorities and needs which range from education and job creation, to the rule of law and environmental issues. These are all crucial issues and the OAS will continue to work with all partners to address these issues, and in so doing, ensure that quality of life improves.”

In 2011 the OAS expanded the registration of Haitian citizens through the Civil Registry project, which is being financially supported by the government of Canada. The OAS is also working on a Cadastre project designed to be executed by Haitian authorities.

The stakeholders meeting in Washington, DC, brings together representatives of OAS Member States, OAS Observers and members of the Inter-American System. During the meeting, OAS Assistant Secretary General Ramdin also introduced the incoming Special Representative of the OAS in Haiti, Frederic Bolduc. Bolduc, a citizen of Canada, formerly worked as a representative of the government of Quebec in Washington, DC.

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