New Controversial Book Tells Why So Many Fathers Leave American Homes

Fathers Give Their Versions of The Father Absence Story in Their Own Words

why-fathers-leave-book-cover-photoPEMBROKE PINES – Research consistently confirms that children who are raised without fathers face significant challenges in many areas of their lives. Over 80% of men that are in jail were raised without fathers Over 70% of girls that get pregnant as teenagers are from father absent homes. The children that are raised in father absent homes are more likely to be abused, to use drugs, to perform poorly or drop out of school, to display maladaptive behaviors, to become depressed and even to kill themselves. Yet, over the years, America has gradually become the country with the most homes without fathers in the entire world.

The issue of absent fathers has been linked to a host of social concerns, and it is regarded by many as one of America’s most significant challenges. Several theories have been promoted over the years, which attempt to find root causes for this very complex issue, and many mothers have also been giving their versions of the story for many years. According to many fathers, however, the versions of the stories that many mothers usually give are quite often neither complete nor correct.

Dr. Percy Ricketts
Dr. Percy Ricketts

In this new book, “Why Fathers Leave,” Psychotherapist, Dr. Percy Ricketts shares information on this very important issue, based on his conversations with over 200 fathers of diverse backgrounds, who left their families. Many of their stories are surprising, because men in our society are not socialized to express their deepest feelings openly.

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