4 Food and Drugs That Help Alleviate Pain

4 Food And Drugs That Help Alleviate PainIf you’re living with pain, you already know how all-encompassing it can be. It might feel like you’re missing out on life because of your pain; you might be having a difficult time sleeping which leaves you feeling groggy and exhausted all day; you might find yourself in a bad mood far more often than you want to be. While every pain is unique, there are some foods and drugs that have been shown to have a positive impact on the experience of pain in many cases. The following will look at a few things that might be able to help.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

No matter the cause of your pain, inflammation could be making it worse. It turns out that a huge portion of standard foods causes inflammation in the body, and this means the meals you eat every day might be contributing to your pain. An anti-inflammatory diet devoid of common inflammation causes like gluten, lactose, sugar, and certain oils and filled with foods that help your body settle inflammation like herbs and spices (especially turmeric) can help reduce pain. As a bonus, many of these food changes are incredibly beneficial to your overall health and might even help with the cause of your pain.


CBD has become an incredibly popular drug in the modern era for a very good reason. It is derived from the marijuana plant but has no “high” effects. The only impacts it will have on your mental state are lowered levels of anxiety and perhaps a feeling of calm. CDB can be ingested in a number of forms, including smoking, oil, topical applications, and CBD gummies. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and an anti-anxiety effect on the mind.

Food and Drugs That Help Alleviate Pain

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and olive oil can help reduce feelings of pain by reducing inflammation in the body. There are an endless array of options when it comes to healthy fats, and most of them are utterly delicious, so you won’t mind incorporating them into your diet. They’re also really easy to include because most meals could use a little extra olive oil, and it’s no hassle to grab a handful of nuts when you walk past the kitchen.

High-Antioxidant Foods

You’re maybe noticing a pattern here; all the things on this list focus on reducing inflammation in the body. Antioxidant-rich foods like wild, organic berries and dark leafy greens also help reduce feelings of pain by soothing inflammation.

The above list should have given you an idea of the things you can start incorporating into your day to reduce pain. Of course, given the vital role that inflammation plays in pain, it is also important to reduce your usage of things that increase inflammation. Fragranced products, in particular, can cause a lot of inflammation in the body. If you decide to go fragrance-free, be wary of labels that claim a product is scent-free. This is not the same thing; typically, it means more fragrance was added to cover up the scent that the product had upon the completion of manufacturing.


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