Negril’s Reggae Marathon 2023 A Wrap – Exciting Changes in Store for 2024

NEGRIL, Jamaica – On Sunday, December 3, Negril, Jamaica once again played host to the vibrant and successful Reggae Marathon. With nearly 1500 participants from 24 countries and media coverage spanning the USA and Canada, the 2023 event reaffirmed the event’s status as an internationally renowned gathering.

The United States led the pack with the largest group of participants, including Caribbean Americans and members of the Black diaspora. Jamaica was a close second in terms of participant numbers, while other countries represented included Austria, Bahamas, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Panama, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK, among others.

Negril's Reggae Marathon 2023 A Wrap The 2023 Reggae Half Marathon & 10K made history with a total of 1358 competitors, comprising 1019 in the 10K race and 339 in the half marathon. The collective achievement of the participants in setting the fastest average time in the event’s history was a testament to their dedication and skill.

Plans for 2024

Looking forward to the future, Race Director Alfred Frano Francis concluded the weekend’s festivities with a major announcement. In 2024, the Reggae Half Marathon and 10K will introduce a new 5K race. The 5K is in response to the enthusiastic demand from thousands of 5K enthusiasts. This addition, following the removal of the full marathon in 2023, is expected to attract even more participants from around the world.

Negril's Reggae Marathon 2023 A Wrap The Reggae Marathon is not just a celebration of running, but also a vital contributor to Negril’s collective efforts to revive tourism after the pandemic’s travel restrictions. Tourism is Jamaica’s leading industry, responsible for almost a third of employment and economic output. The pandemic took a heavy toll, causing a 9.9 percent decline in Jamaica’s GDP in December 2020, marking the sharpest economic downturn in the country’s history, in stark contrast to the 0.9 percent growth in 2019. The depreciation of the Jamaican dollar was also a significant concern during this period.

Boost to Jamaica’s Tourism

Negril's Reggae Marathon 2023 A Wrap Over its 22+ year history, the Reggae Marathon has consistently played a pivotal role in boosting tourism in Jamaica, with Negril, specifically, experiencing a transformative impact. Local transportation, tour and attraction companies, and small community vendors have directly benefited from the influx of tourists coming to the event.

Looking ahead, Jamaica’s tourism projections for 2024 are exceptionally optimistic, with experts forecasting a 25 percent increase in industry revenue. Additionally, GDP is expected to rise between 3 and 5 percent. The revamped Reggae Marathon is well-positioned to continue its contribution to this tourism resurgence. Its diverse international participant base reflects the unity and harmony that make the Reggae Marathon an iconic celebration of culture. Plus, athleticism and community.

Negril's Reggae Marathon 2023 A Wrap With the resounding success of the in-person 2023 Reggae Half Marathon & 10K, all eyes are now on December 8, 2024. The marathon will return, promising even more excitement, inclusivity, and unforgettable moments for participants from Jamaica and around the world.


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