Miami Carnival Socavivor 10 Event Calendar

MIAMI – Are you ready for the ultimate carnival e-venture? Ten fantasik years have passed…now it is time to celebrate with our 10-year anniversary edition.


Event #1

The Welcome To Miami Party
Wednesday Night

Karma Supper Club (619 Washington Avenue-Miami Beach)

Music By: Back To Basics * House Arrest * Soca G.B * Young Chow * Spoil Brattz * Shortman Movements Dj Fergie & Dj Springer

Doors Open 11pm-5am

Everyone In Orange & White: $10 Before 12am

Event #2

Thursday night
Cameo (1445 Washington Avenue-Miami Beach)

Music by: GB god bless * Massive B * D-Life * Steelie Bashment * Walshy Fire * Supa B * Bulletproof

Hosted by: Rupee * Skinny Fab * Oungku * Alpha
Doors open 11pm-5am

Everyone in all black or all white: $15 before 12am – Wear all black if you’re naughty/wear all white if you’re nice

Event #3

Rise Miami Meets Shine NYC
Friday Morning
New Bigger Location!!

America’s Backyard (100 Sw 3rd Ave-Ft. Lauderdale)
Early Morning Vibes
5am – 1pm
Everyone Wear Yellow & White
Don’t Forget Your Shades!!!

Hosted By: Giselle The Wassi One & Back To Basics

Event #4

Jouvert/Block Party
International Flag Night
Friday Night
**World Largest Flag Party**

Soho Studios (New & Improved With New Management)
2136 Nw 1st Avenue Midtown Miami
Indoor & Outdoor
Capacity & Parking For 7,000 Plus!!!!
Guaranteed & Confirmed

Performing Live:
Mr. Machel & The Hd Family
Patrice Roberts
Farmer Nappy
The Return Of Rupee
Sir Oungku & Red Hot Flames
Avvy • Clint • Alpha • Pumpa • Rudy
Tian Winters • Claudette Peters
Request Band • Skinny Fabulous • Dj Khaled
Many More Artists To Be Added (Artist From Every Island)

Soca Music By:
House Arrest • G.B. • Mixmaster Rodrick • D-Life • Supa B
Back 2 Basics • Spoil Brattz • Madman Smallie • Mac-10
Dj Trixta • Dj Stephen • Fresh Kid • Barrie Hype

Reggae/Hip-Hop Music By:
Massive B • Innocent Sound • Young Chow • Platinum Kidz Shortman Movements • Steelie Bashment • Walshy Fire
Bashment Kid • Dj Bulletproof • Cancer Hi-Power
Don One Movements

Early Bird Tix: $37 (Before Oct. 1ST More After!!!)
V.V.I.P: $72 (Separate Entrance * Bar * Restrooms*Bottle Service)


FTL: Joy’s Roti Show 954.587.7700
North Miami: LC Roti Shop 305.651.8924
Kendall: Caribbean Delite 305.254.6606

New York
Brooklyn: X-Clusiv Barbershop 718.774.1700
J&W Records 718.693.9261
R&P 718.257.8663
Queens: Sandy Roti 718.659.8000

Event #5

Wet Fete / Pool Party
Dare To Get Wet!!!!!
Saturday Day Time
Doors Open 4pm-10pm
Ladies Free In Swimwear Before 5pm
2 Areas:
Dry Zone • Wet Zone
Wear Baby Blue & White

Soca Music By:
D-Life • G.B. • Pantrin Vibes • Spoil Brattz • Dj Smallie

Reggae / Hip-Hop Music By:
Massive B • Steelie Bashment • Walshy Fire • Dj Bulletproof
Young Chow

Location: T.B.A

Event #6

Dons & Divas—Denim Edition
Saturday Night
@Play Nightclub (1045 5th Street—Miami Beach)
Doors Open 10pm
Everyone Free Before 11:30pm
Hosted By:
Dj Khaled & Friends

Reggae /Hip-Hop Music By:
Black Chiney • Steelie Bashment
Shortman Movements
Dj Fergie & Dj Springer • Bulletproof
Soca Music By:
Dj Chris • Elegance Sound • Supa B • Barrie Hype • Dj Stephen

Event #7

Jabba Strikes Back
Sunday Night
The Year-To-Year Birthnite Bash

Bongos (601 Biscayne Blvd-Indoor/Outdoor)
Black On Black Edition
Doors Open 10pm
Ladies Free Before 10:30pm

Reggae /Hip-Hop Music By:
Massive B • Stone Love • Steelie Bashment • Platinum Kidz
Young Chow • Dj Fergie & Dj Springer

Soca Deck Music By:
D-Life • Back 2 Basics • Big Truck Alliance • Supa Roy
Pantrin Vibes • Spoil Brattz • Mad Man Smallie • Supa B

Hosted By:
Rupee • Lyrical • Schilacci • G.B.

Event #8

Socavivor Boatride
Monday Daytime
Wear Green & White

Event #9

Last Lap Party
Miami Carnival Monday Night Tradition

Mansion (1235 Washington Avenue-South Beach)

Hosted By: Socavivor Allstar Guests
Main Room Music By:
G.B. • Back To Basic • D-Life • Massive B • Barrie Hype • Trixta
Room Room Music By:
Young Chow • Dj Fergie & Springer • Shortman Movements
Jah Stream

Doors Open 11pm-Until

Everyone In Turquoise & Grey: $10 Before 12am

Event #10

Pure Niceness—The After Party Fete!!!
Tuesday Morning
@ Club Bed
Doors Open 5am

Music By:
Steelie Bashment • Dj Chris • Dj Bulletproof • House Arrest • G.B.
Pantrin Vibes • Back 2 Basics

We Fetein Til Time For You To Board Your Plane, Train, Bus!!!
Wear Gold And White

For additional Socavivor information, call
305-438-9488 or 786-319-1477, email: [email protected] and follow them on twitter,

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