Khari Kill’s Killer New Album Now In Stores

By: Brittany Somerset

NEW YORK – Born in the ghetto of La Horqutta in Trinidad and currently based in Brooklyn, Khari Kill, whose given name is Khari Obafemi Williams, is a powerful force in conscious reggae music. Khari was baptized in Trinidad with the name, Brehane Hiwot, which in the Ethiopian language Amarhic means “Light of Life.” This baptismal name is quite similar to Bob Marley’s baptismal name, Brehane Selassie, which means “Light of the Trinity.”

When asked why he is called Khari Kill, which could be misconstrued as negative, he replied, “ ‘Kill’ is a term we say in Trinidad meanin’ ‘to put an end to somethin’, for example, if yah wan someone to stop doin’ somethin’, we say ‘kill that,’ ‘yo kill dat nah dred,’ ‘kill dat nah boy‘. I’m trying to put an end to all negativity and inequity in music and in the music industry, so I’m called ‘Khari Kill’.” Khari Kill bases his name and lyrics on his mission to end oppression, injustice, racism, poverty and evil principles. At a young age, he discovered his gift of song writing and love for Reggae music.

Khari Krill

Delivering the message of righteousness, Khari Kill will release his first full-length album “Picture of Selassie” featuring the break-out hit single of the same name. The single “Picture of Selassie” shot straight to number one on reggae charts worldwide. The album will be released on record label Outta D. Ghetto, Inc., and it hit stores on Tuesday, September 25th.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish with this album Khari said, “I hope the world gets to know the name Khari Kill and what I represent. But what I want most of all is for the people of the world to take the words of these songs and instill the inspiring lyrics into their daily lives.”

“Picture of Selassie” features 15 tracks, including the two well-known hit singles, “Mary Grandson” and “Picture of Selassie.” This album also features one of the industry’s most notable producers, Bobby Konders of Massive B, and Trinidad’s powerhouse producers, Studio 53, which makes it truly a truly unique sonic treat. The single “Picture of Selassie” was recorded at Zion Sound Studios in Staten Island. “Top Rankin” was recorded at Corrosive Studios in Trinidad.

After recently co-headlining Carifest, on Randall’s Island, which Khari Kill humorously referred to as “Kharifest,” Khari Kill’s upcoming performances include an album release party for “Picture of Selassie” at The Base in Brooklyn, New York on September 28th featuring special guests, Jah Bami and Red Man. Khari Kill will also be performing at Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach, California on October 12th, in Caribbean City, Brooklyn, New York, on October 13th, and at Curefest, at Multi Purpose Stadium in Trewlany, Jamaica.

To view more information on Khari Kill please visit www.myspace.com/kharikillmusic

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